Whether you were a three sport athlete in high school, or you just dabble with the elliptical at the gym, you know how important it is to prepare your body for a good workout. Without the proper nutrients, your body can't perform to its best ability. The Bishop Hartley Girls Basketball team has been on FIRE this year, so I asked them what it was that fueled that fire. When it comes to pre and postgame meals, these girls absolutely know how to chow down. 

The Pregame

Amelia Hitchens

Even though a pregame meal doesn't provide immediate energy (your body needs to break down those nutrients), it will really improve your performance in the long run and give you endurance. Once your body absorbs the nutrients, it'll be ready to exert the energy you need to get the job done–right down to the last second in the game. The Bishop Hartley Girls Basketball team has a few favorite pregame bites:

Wraps: Layna loves a turkey, lettuce, tomato, cheese & ranch wrap. She said, "it's filling but also light so I can play hard later that night."

Light Snacks: Ella is all about those light snacks to get her going. She said, "I love to eat a light sandwich with fruit." 

Sub Sandwiches: Kami, Milayna, Bella, Makailah and Lexi are all in agreeance on this one. Having a sub (Kami said specifically ham or turkey) really gets them going! Makailah hopes for Jersey Mike's. She said, "Whenever we have team meal, I pray we have some type of mini sub, especially from Jersey Mike's!"

The Postgame

Amelia Hitchens

After all that hustling and hard work, it's time for some post game eats. Did you know that what you eat postgame can actually be just as important as your pregame prep? It'll give you the nutrients to recharge your battery, and you'll be able to get back out there ready to perform the next day. Here's what the Bishop Hartley Girls Basketball team likes to eat postgame: 

Pasta: Layna, Milayna and Kami are postgame pasta girls through and through. Layna said, "It's full of carbs for me to replenish myself after an intense game and my Grandma's recipe is wayyy too good!" 

Chocolate Milk: Ella's go-to postgame meal is usually whatever her mom made for dinner paired with a big ole' glass of chocolate milk. Yummm.

Fast Food: While this may not be the best choice nutritionally speaking, I have to admit that I too have craved fast food after an intense workout (treat yo'self, am I right?). Sahaia is a postgame Taco Bell kinda girl, but Bella and Ella would both say that McDonald's or Wendy's comes in clutch after a game. 

Amelia Hitchens

No matter what sport you play, the nutritional side of the game is so important. Fueling your body with the right nutrients can end up being the winning factor in a close game. As for the Bishop Hartley Girls Basketball team, I think they've got the pre & postgame eats down.

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