I called almost every restaurant near Chapman University shamelessly asking if they offered a discount to students. Most of the people I spoke with responded with a guilty sounding "no." For others, however, my question seemed to spark the idea to add a Chapman discount (you're welcome).

Anthony from Farmer Boys said that although he didn't offer a Chapman student discount, he would give me 10% off anyway. Thanks, Anthony.

After a lot of rejection, I finally found 12 places that currently and officially have a Chapman discount.

1. The Pie Hole 

scrambled, biscuits, cheddar, cheese
Hannah Francis

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love the Pie Hole. You will not find a better deal for a quality latte anywhere else in the area. They offer a local discount of 10% all day long.

2. The Aussie Bean 

mocha, tea, milk, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Hannah Francis

If you're looking for Insta-worthy latte art, you want to go to Aussie Bean. For these pricey espresso drinks, the 10% discount for Chapman students always helps.

3. Rekindle Caffe'

When asked what the discount for Chapman students is, a woman from Rekindle Caffe' on the phone responded, "I don't know exactly what the calculation would be, but probably like 10%." We will take what we can get.

4. The Pizza Press

arugula, pizza
Hannah Francis

Almost every Chapman student already knows about the Chapman Pizza Press discount. You have three options: one free drink, one bottle of water, or 10% off of your order. 

#SpoonTip: The free drink is more bang for your buck, unless you're ordering multiple pizzas.

5. Blaze Pizza

Much like Pizza Press in many ways, Blaze also offers a similar Chapman discount: one free drink or 10% off of your oder

6. Pizza Project  

If you want to drive 10 minutes further away from campus to get the same thing you could get at Pizza Press or Blaze, then go to Pizza Project. They offer $1 off when you show Chapman I.D. 

#SpoonTip: Just go to Pizza Press.

7. Zito's Pizza 

You can never have too much pizza. Zito's gives Chapman students 10% off when dining in or taking out.

8. Linx 

bacon, cheese, sausage, hot dog
Drew Petersen

For some reason, this one came as a surprise to me. In my four years at Chapman, I never knew Linx offered a discount to Chapman students. They give you 10% off—and I've been paying full price.

9. Jalapeños

Jalapeños in the circle is already a cheap taco Tuesday spot for every college student on a budget. They also offer a generous 15% discount for Chapman students.

10. Mead's Green Door Cafe

chicken, salad
Elise Swift

Meads is so good to us. They have a menu full of delicious vegetarian food at a reasonable price, PLUS a 10% discount.

11. Smoqued California BBQ 

Smoqued offers a different kind of discount. Instead of a percentage deal, they offer a "sack lunch" at a special discounted price for Chapman students only. It includes a pulled pork sandwich, fries, and a soda, all for $7.50 plus tax.

12. Green Tomato Grill 

Green Tomato Grill in Orange is a great option for a healthy meal, which college students are always in need of. Maybe their 10% discount will encourage you to skip the fast food, and eat healthy next time.  

P.S. According to an employee at Burger Parlor, they do not currently have a Chapman discount but "they're working on it."

Moral of the story: never forget your Chapman I.D. at home. This can be tough for those of us who don't live in the dorms. But nothing is worse than showing up to Pizza Press without your I.D. and having to borrow a friends. It's more nerve-racking than trying to get into the D underage. Take advantage of these discounts while you still can, before adulting gets in the way.