Pros: Sweet Things Ice Cream Shoppe

Melinda Kauffman

Pro number one: famous handmade waffle cones. Yes, they literally make waffles to wrap your ice cream in, and they are unparalleled. I've dabbled with the idea of ordering a waffle cone by itself before and saving it for breakfast. Not too thick, not too thin. Mmmm..

Rachel Hicks

There are so many creamy flavors to choose from at Sweet Things. Several local favorites are Sweet Cream, Mocha Chip and Pumpkin (only available in the Fall). One great combination is Sweet Cream and Pumpkin. It tastes like a pumpkin pie, with the Sweet Cream acting like the crust. 

And the sundae you see's customizable. Any three flavors, any toppings. Get one to share, or eat the whole thing by yourself as a special Sunday night treat.

Another pro: the people who work at Sweet Things are very sweet themselves. I've only ever experienced the most polite and friendly servers behind the flavors. It's a feel-good time all around.  

Pink Hut Pros

Melinda Kauffman

The soft serve at Pink Hut tastes like a kiss from an angel. It's airy, yet somehow thick and substantial. There's a cotton candy, disappearing-in-your-mouth element as well. And the toppings opportunities are endless. My personal go-to is sprinkles with whipped cream. The whipped cream adds an extra fluff--the cloud to your angel. 

They also have a wide variety of milkshakes and specialized delights. Roll up to the window and draw on the ground with chalk as you wait for your order.  

Pink Hut Cons

Melinda Kauffman

Pink Hut is closed when it's raining. Except the definition of raining seems to be debatable. I've been there when it's slightly sprinkling, and they were still open. But other times, it's been closed with a mere cloudy sky and no rain. It's also a short drive from the town of Lexington, so if you don't call ahead, your chances of getting ice cream on a rainy day at Pink Hut are hit or miss. 

Sweet Things Con

Yep, there's only one in my book. They only take cash. While they do have an ATM machine, it's kind of finicky and charges you a percentage of what you withdraw. Although the cash-only rule adds to the old-timey feel inside the shoppe. 

Unrelated to ice cream, having some cash with you at all times isn't a bad idea...and if you go to the shoppe enough, it'll create a habit in you to carry paper dollars. 

What's the Verdict? 

Melinda Kauffman

Soft serve that makes you want to fly or creamy, homemade long-lasting euphoria? It may be unfair to even debate which is better. Both places have their pros and cons--like Pink Hut has great outdoor seating with umbrellas, and Sweet Things has a really cute interior--but the ice cream at both places is top notch. It's up to you to decide the winner. Try both and tell us what you think!