Do you find waiting for a reservation to open up on Valentine's Day night to be extremely annoying? Do you love breakfast? I have great news: The Historic Waysider Restuarant is perfect for you and your significant other to visit on that special day. 

My boyfriend and I visited this dainty place on an ordinary day in October, but I immediately knew it would be perfect for this romantic day in February. 

Upon walking in, we were greeted with a warm, welcoming and home-y feel. This place was a house before being transformed into a restaurant in 1906. The historic vibes are real, with all the newspaper clippings of Alabama football winnings and the coaches' faces from all the years of being leaders of the greatest sports team of all time (I'm not bias, I promise. Or maybe I am).

We were sat down at a quaint little table next to a window and offered coffee. We ordered basically everything off the menu, including their homemade pancakes and biscuits. These biscuits were a blessing. I'm talkin' dynamite.

The whole aura of this place offered an intimate and fun experience as a date venue and Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion. Talk about wanting reservations-nope. Just head on over to Waysider, you are sure to get all the cliché, romantic gushy stuff you would get on Valentine's Night, but better, because there's maple syrup involved. 

Bottom line, the Waysider is an eleven out of ten. I would recommend it as one of the best date venues for Valentine's Day (or any day, really) in Tuscaloosa. My boyfriend and I had a truly special experience that every couple, tinder match, or even friends could go on. Southern Living even wrote and article about how this place is just the darn cutest and best restaurant in in Tuscaloosa.