What happens when you invite two major foodies to a grand breakfast buffet? They eat everything in sight. Earlier this month, Spoon ventured to The Pecan Grill to try out their infamous brunch buffet, and they surpassed every single expectation we had. We're not going to lie, even when we were filled to the brim with food, we still HAD to try their dessert. Every bite (and pound gained) was, without a doubt, worth it. 

P.S. They offer a Build Your Own Mimosa AND Bloody Mary bar, if you're into that. But then again, how can you not be? 

Liquid Refreshment: Homemade Lemonade

milk, coffee
Kim Labajo

The adventure began with a nice, tall goblet of homemade lemonade that could quench any thirst. We definitely recommend it.

The staff was also incredibly welcoming and really made us feel as if we were enjoying a meal right at our very own home. However, we think they were amazed by how much we could eat! 

Appetizer: Antipasto Platter

bacon, meat, antipasto, salami, ham, sausage, cheese, platter
Kim Labajo

Prosciutto, gouda, and other delectable hors d'oeuvres... Oh my! We had to sample every piece of this inciting tray. For research, of course. Doesn't this look like an appetizer fit for royalty? That's precisely how we felt while trying this.

First Entrée: Omelet & Prime Rib

A Build Your Own Omelet Station & chef-carved prime rib? yes please! The omelette was perfectly cheesy and the prime rib was cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Pecan Grill definitely knows how to work their omelette game. Just look at those flipping skills!

Second Entrée: Parmesan Chicken & Side Vegetables

sauce, mushroom, chicken, asparagus
Kim Labajo

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... BAM. The thought put into the recipe of the chicken, potatoes, and the asparagus topped with mushrooms gave us life. 

#SpoonTip: Definitely try the tomato grits. They're phenomenal.

 At this point, we were pretty full, but then we remembered... 

Desserts: Peach Pound Cake Goblet & More

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Kim Labajo

...What's brunch without a little something sweet?

Just looking at this picture makes my heart skip multiple beats! This peach pound cake was just one of the many flavors offered. There was also red velvet, chocolate, and strawberry. They were delightfully presented and the taste was out of this world. Every dessert (as well as meal) is made from their very own scratch kitchen so the recipes/menus are uniquely designed by Pecan Grill, for Pecan Grill clientele. 

#SpoonTip: Try the "Very Berry Bread Pudding," we ate it before we could even snap a picture, but it's a crowd favorite — according to an insider. We obviously know why. 

Dessert Round 2: PG's Specialty Cinnamon Twist & A Big Ass Fruit Roll 

apple, cinnamon
Kim Labajo

Okay, we know what you're thinking. Two dessert rounds were essential to getting the full PG Brunch Buffet experience! Unfortunately we had to end our adventure, but we opted to do so with a ridiculously gigantic fruit roll and their specialty cinnamon twist. To get an idea of how big that fruit roll was, it was compared to the size of our faces. But hey, everything's bigger in Texas, right?

Kim Labajo

A huge thank you our friends at Pecan Grill, especially the Food and Drink Director, Chey Fulgham, and Executive Chef, Douglas Noxon. You showed us what true hospitality is and what a true brunch buffet experience should be. We can't wait to try out your lunch buffet ASAP!