Like seemingly everyone else on campus, Winter Quarter is kicking me firmly and squarely in the ass. The weather may be comparatively mild in the Midwest this year, but the gloom persists.

I have four articles to write, a paper that I haven't touched due in three days, and plenty of extraneous things to do with the little time I possess. To make matters even peachier, Donald Trump is President, and I've come to the realization that Chardonnay doesn't heal relationship drama.

Nevertheless, despite the Winter Wonderland that I am calling my life right now, I have discovered the Parisian paradise Patisserie Coralie, and the cafe's triumvirate of coffee, croissants and carbs that are sure to fix anyone's Wintertime Sadness. 

Evanston's First Arrondissement

pretzel, chocolate
Brock Colyar

Located minutes from Northwestern's campus and open every day of the week, Patisserie Coralie sits quaintly on the corner of Davis and Chicago in Evanston. 

True to the most common nickname for Paris, "City of Light," Patisserie Coralie shines bright with delicate chandeliers and a shiny Cafe sign in the window at its perfect corner location. Upon entering the Patisserie, my winter blues vanished amongst the shop's white lights, ivory couches, and sweet aromas.

Though 4,124 miles from Paris, Patisserie Coralie strongly resembles a chic cafe you might find in Bordeaux, Vienna, or Lucerne.

Je'taime, Mr. Croissant

Brock Colyar

Upon relaxing Jordan Baker-style on one of Patisserie Coralie's comfy couches, the options for a delicious snack or drink are endless. Patisserie Coralie offers an extensive menu of house-made French pastry items and sandwiches. The croissants in particular are heavenly, and my only successful cure to a bad attitude and piles of homework.

Additionally, Patisserie Coralie was named the "Best Macaron of the North Shore" in 2015, and they sell boxed macarons that make perfects gifts for any occasion (even the Tinder-match currently attempting to ghost you!).

mocha, milk, cappuccino, espresso, coffee
Brock Colyar

Alongside your fresh-baked pastry item from Patisserie Coralie, the cafe also serves brewed coffee, lattes and all the other usual coffee-shop drinks.

Even better, all of Coralie's coffee beverages are made from Julius Meinl's coffee beans, an Austrian company dedicated to sustainability and fair trade, making Patisserie Coralie one of the most sustainable coffee shops in Evanston. 

Nevertheless, if your caffeine-induced anxiety is already dangerously high, Patisserie Coralie also offers teas from Benjamin Tea Company, a Chicago-based business.

#SpoonTip: If you are looking to summon the devil during this hellish Winter Quarter, my Patisserie "usual," a cup of refillable coffee and a delicious almond croissant, will cost you $6.66.

Merci, Patisserie

In short, when you are having a mental/physical/emotional breakdown this winter quarter or merely want to be treated like one of Jack Dawson's French girls, take the short walk from campus to Patisserie Coralie.

After a sip of their coffee and a few bites of their flaky, buttery croissants, you will forget why you were stressing in the first place...

Until you wake up and remember that you're on the quarter system. 

Show your Spoon Crawl voucher to get 20% off your purchase during the month of February.