As a normal human being, I am a lover of some pasta, which I am assuming you are as well considering you took the time to open this article.  A local gem, Basil's Fresh Pasta and Deli blesses the Boone area with the homemade pasta of every variety, ravioli, linguine, etc.  Their mission states: "We strive to provide wholesome, made from scratch prepared foods using quality ingredients in a comfortable and friendly environment."  

As a chapter we decide to go as a group and decide if we could #SpoonApprove this restaurant as a "Best of Boone" place, and lord did they pass. 

salad, cheese, arugula, vinaigrette
Kali Wolin

Obviously the food is extremely important in the decision, we all got a little bit of everything so that we could all make a non-biased decision.  The soups, salads, sandwiches AND pasta are to die for, I mean seriously.  Most places just give the "Build your own sandwich" option, nope Basil's lets you build your own PASTA. Literally you can't beat that. I was sold once I saw that on the menu because then it's all about me right? (no, Elizabeth..)

pesto, broccoli
Elizabeth Faile

Above, is the Chicken Pesto Linguine, so damn good that I'm contemplating why I'm not currently eating it right now as I'm reminiscing on this night.

Yes, the food was amazing and that's a huge reason why we approved them, but the service was awesome too! They accommodated for 20 of us, serviced us fully and she did it on her own.  It was so impressive, they are so welcoming and treat all their customers like family. It was an overall great dining experience. 

spaghetti, meatball, beef, pasta, sauce, meat
Elizabeth Faile

So, please if you love pasta, a good time and just a solid local restaurant make Basil's your next date night location.  They have an amazing menu, bar selection (Booneshine is right next store) and an awesome staff.