Panacea Brewing Company began as a kombucha delivery service via their classic Volkswagen van in the summer of 2016. They then went from delivery to farmers' markets to their very own tap room. 

Their Story

Robin and Artie have both always loved the fermentation process and its products; they later both fell in love with kombucha. Since they started sharing their creations with Wilmington, they have let their business grow organically. They went from delivering around town to building a taproom, which they will be expanding in the coming year.

Molly Prosser

The Kombucha

Panacea Brewing Company crafts their delicious kombucha from all-natural ingredients, whole foods, and organic herbs and spices. They locally source ingredients like turmeric and ginger when they can. Panacea refuses to add extra sugar to their kombuchas so that your body can feel the full effects of their products.

Their kombucha flavors rotate every day, so make sure to check their Instagram @PanaceaBrewingCompany to see what's on tap today. Some of their most popular flavors include peach ginger turmeric, triple berry ginger, and blueberry lavender. 

Molly Prosser

Other Goodies

Panacea also makes their own elderberry syrup, a known immune-boosting elixir. By adding honey and a few special spices, they make this typically bitter berry into a delicious immunity shot; it tastes like blueberry pie!

If you are looking for an inflammation-buster, try their Kombucha Fire! Their homemade kombucha vinegar is combined with garlic, turmeric, and a few other antiseptic and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help your body ward off disease. You can take this savory elixir as a shot or use it in your favorite recipes and salad dressings. 

They also offer a selection of beer including kombucha beer and kombucha mimosas. 

Molly Prosser

Why Should You Choose Local Kombucha?

Kombucha contains live cultures; the bacteria and yeasts active in kombucha are alive and are affected by the environment. The more organisms that die from heat exposure and movement, the less beneficial your kombucha is. After a long transport, it can even begin to taste vinegary and produce more carbon dioxide, so it is even bubblier than normal.

Buying local also stimulates your community's economy because when you choose to spend your money with a small business, they usually spend or donate in the area. Buying local helps everyone in communities, not just the business owners. 

Molly Prosser

Where to Find Panacea's Kombucha

You can visit the taproom at 102 Old Eastwood Road Suite 2A in Wilmington, NC. Their hours are Tuesday-Sunday 10am-7pm. You can also find them in several stores and shops in the area