Strawberry Shortcake and Pumpkin Pie aren't just for dessert anymore - they're for oatmeal. Fantastic meals are being created at OatMeals, a cafe located in NYC. You can eat oatmeal for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you can even build your own oatmeal bowl. 

Located in a foodie community, OatMeals is near countless other new eateries, but as the only oatmeal cafe, OatMeals stands out amongst the crowd.

Here's a taste at what OatMeals has to offer:

Toppings For Days

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Phillip Massey

OatMeals offers a total of, well, a lot of toppings. From bacon bits to soy sauce to Goat cheese, you can seriously find the widest (and weirdest?) range of items. To see all of their toppings, check out the insane menu.

When I ordered my oats, I was so internally conflicted with what toppings to choose. I decided that Goji berries are always a must though.

In addition to toppings, they have creations of their own. Combinations, such as Bacon Pumpkin and Banana Cream Pie give OatMeals a truly special place in my heart. 

More Than Just Cereal

Not only does this cafe have oatmeal as a hot cereal, but it also sells homemade oatmeal cookies, muffins, scones and granola. All of which are made in house, of course. They throw granola in their oatmeal and I bet they'd throw some cookies in there too.

If you're wondering where to get your coffee or green tea fix, OatMeals has your back. They have coffee, lattes, espressos, teas, iced coffee, hot chocolate and more. Careful though because like their oatmeal, their beverages are hot.

Location, Location, Location

OatMeals is in Greenwich Village near countless amounts of other eateries created by young, innovative people. Rocking' Raw and  are two of these creative eateries. Here is a Spoon article about the famous raw cookie dough eatery, dō. 

In addition to being in this hipster community, OatMeals is right down the street from New York University. After the worst of exams, students will find solace in this cafe that takes them to an oatmeal getaway. 

Providing toppings and never-before-seen combinations, a variety of treats to choose from and a fantastic location, Oatmeals will always be near and dear to my taste buds. So, next time you visit a friend at NYU or wander into hipster territory, find OatMeals and taste your dreams.