Are you tired of licking the same old, boring chocolate chip cookie dough from the spoon? Or are you still struggling to emulate your favorite no-bake cookie dough at home? Girl, me too. Luckily, those days are gone, thanks to DŌ, Cookie Dough Confections' latest offering—a line of in-store baking classes. 

What is DŌ?

In case you've somehow managed to ignore any and all of Instagram's dessert trends, DŌ is the brainchild of baking enthusiast and gluten-free savant Kristen Tomlan. Founded after a girls' weekend spent indulging in unbaked cookie dough, this brand cuts out the middleman. That's right, DŌ products don't have eggs and come in gluten-free and vegan varieties, meaning there's nothing stopping you from eating the whole tub without the fear of getting sick.

#SpoonTip: Looking to turn your obsession into a lifestyle? Head to DŌ's brick-and-mortar Greenwich Village location for a smorgasbord of cookie themed treats, ranging from milkshakes to ice cream pies.  

What is AcaDŌmy?

AcaDŌmy is a line of in-store baking classes taught by the founder and queen of all things chocolate-y, gooey, and heavenly herself, Kristen Tomlan. Each class invites chefs of all ages to learn the secrets behind the perfect cookie, including a walk through of DŌ's proprietary ingredients and baking process. 

These classes represent more than just an opportunity to put yourself in Kristen's oven mitts. Rather, Kristen hopes to inspire a new generation of bakers to step outside of their comfort zones and into the world of DŌ—a place where anything is possible with some flour and sprinkles. 

Each class ends with a box of cookies and two containers of customized dough, all created by you, as well as a souvenir bag packed with all the materials to up your baking game at home.

Class Offerings

AcaDŌmy offers a variety of classes catering to your baking needs. For those looking to know the ins-and-outs of cookie dough, look no further than Cookie Dough 101, where Kristen shares the industry secrets needed for the perfect cookie. Or, for those of us who won cuffing season, check out the Couples Class, where the final product is a batch of dough for two. 

#SpoonTip: Don't know what to get a younger sibiling who has it all for his or her birthday? Take them to Kids Class, where no one will yell at them for sneaking extra candy.

If you're hungry for some baking action, or just a batch of snickerdoodle dough, sign up for class now. Spots are filling up fast, but don't worry, cookie dough is not going out of style anytime soon.