Ramen noodles are a college students best friend because they are easy to make and cheap, but let's be honest, it gets a little boring having the same meal every night. If you're looking to satisfy all of your noodle cravings, Noodles & Company has you covered. If you're like me and dream about your next pasta dish, you definitely need to take a trip to Noodles & Company ASAP. 

Keep on reading to find out about all the different noodle dishes the brand has to offer!

Asian Noodles

Take your taste buds on a trip around the world with Noodles & Company's Asian dishes. These dishes combine beloved sweet and savory flavors of your favorite Asian cuisine in a single dish. 

The four varieties include Grilled Orange Chicken Lo Mein, Japanese Pan Noodles, Pad Thai and Spicy Korean Beef Noodles. 

World Famous Macs

You can never go wrong with a bowl of macaroni and cheese. Noodles & Company's 'World Famous Macs' combine the cheesy goodness we all know and love with proteins including ham, pork and buffalo chicken. 

The macaroni and cheese comes in five different flavors: Wisconsin Mac & Cheese, Gluten-Sensitive Pipette Mac, Ham & Gruyere Mac, Buffalo Chicken Mac and BBQ Pork Mac. 

I had the Wisconsin Mac and it was one of the best mac & cheese dishes I've ever had. Rich, creamy and extremely satisfying!

Zoodles And Caulifloodles 

If you're looking to add more vegetables into your diet or are looking for healthier alternatives to classic noodles, the brand has Zoodles and Caulifloodles available. For those who don't know what they are, it's basically zucchini and cauliflower that is transformed into pasta - it's delicious. 

These better-for-you meals are available in four varieties: Zucchini Shrimp Scampi, Zucchini Pesto with Grilled Chicken, Cauliflower Rigatoni in Light Onion Cream Sauce and Cauliflower Rigatoni Fresca with Shrimp. 

The Cauliflower Rigatoni with the onion cream sauce was my favorite out of all the three dishes I tried! I didn't even know it was made from cauliflower until I finished. 

Classic Noodles

You can't go wrong with classic noodles. Noodles & Company offers the classic noodle dishes you both know and love: Penne Rosa, Buttered Noodles, Steak Stroganoff, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Pesto Cavatappi, Alfredo Montamore with Parmesan Crusted Chicken and Shrimp Scampi. 

Where To Find Noodles & Company

I know you're mouth is watering after hearing and looking at all of the options Noodles & Company has to offer. To find a location near you, check out their restaurant locator. 

Plus, if you can't get enough of these noodles, make sure to download Noodles & Company's mobile app for online ordering, exclusive members-only rewards and more!