The bustling college town that it is Newark, DE, is home to a fair share of culinary delights inclusive of fast-casual joints, late night nosh, higher-end restaurants, as well as some of Newarks hidden culinary gems.

To name a few, Blue Hen favorites consists of Roots Natural Kitchen, El Diablo Burritos, and Snap Custom Pizza. Not to say that these options are poor choices for hungry, busy students, but many are unaware of some of the hidden culinary gems that Newark has to offer. 

If you are looking to expand your pallet, and venture outside of your usual indulgences, I have a few great places that will surely satisfy your taste buds. 

Banh Mi Boy 

Tucked comfortably between Seasons Pizza and a frame shop on East Main Street, is a family run, authentic Vietnamese Café. 

They are best known for their traditional Banh Mi sandwich; which is a toasted french baguette filled with ham, pork roll, homemade pate, pickled daikon radish and carrots, fresh cucumber, and topped with cilantro and jalapeño. They offer a number of various Banh Mi's to choose from, such as garlic bean tofu, roasted pork, and curry chicken. 

Olivia Feldman

All of their food is homemade in house on a daily basis, using only the freshest of ingredients. 

In addition to serving delicious, homemade food, Banh Mi Boy's prices are more than conducive to a college students budget. Offering a happy hour every day from 3pm-5pm, you can get a sandwich or a rice platter, with a drink and chips for a mere $6.95. 

If you are looking try something more on the ethnic side of things, yet not feeling too adventurous, Banh Mi Boy is your place. 

Olivia Feldman

Sinclairs Diner 

I am not from New Jersey where the diner reigns king, but I do know good diner food when I try it. A complaint I constantly hear from fellow students is that there is not a decent diner in the area to satisfy those weekend hangover cravings. Well, I am here to tell you that there is in fact one, and it happens to be right on Main Street. 

Quant and cozy, Sinclairs offers an inviting, old-school environment, coupled with aromas of brewing coffee and sizzling griddles. The A-line sign out front advertises daily specials, which typically include some sort of sugary pancakes, french toast, and a fully-loaded omelet. 

Olivia Feldman

Aesthetic, insta-worthy breakfast joints are all the rage now, but sometimes the best meal comes from a traditional diner like Sinclairs. No fancy displays or avocado roses; just filling, satisfying, and made-to-order food. 

Sinclairs not only provides good food, but even better prices. For $25, you can get two full breakfasts with coffee. Now thats a steal for a college student on a budget. So, make Sinclairs your next post-Grottos, lazy Saturday morning, or just in the mood for good food stop; you will not be disappointed. 

Mi Ranchito 

When craving Mexican food, most stick to El Diablo and Chipotle, but what many often overlook is right around the corner. Located on South Chapel Street next to Hot Bagels, is Mi Ranchito. 

Olivia Feldman

Hidden from the usual hustle and bustle of Main Street, this authentic Mexican joint serves up the freshest and most satisfying burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more. Something that makes this place special, is that they provide a more diverse list of menu items than most. I went all out for my burrito; filling it to the brim with charro beans, pickled onions, green tomatillo, pico de gallo, and much more. Some other unique fillings offered are kale, roasted broccoli, kimchi, plantain chips, Takis, and buffalo chicken, among the more traditional burrito fillers. 

If you happen to find yourself craving a burrito, or burrito bowl on a Thursday, you're in luck. Every Thursday is BOGO burritos and bowls. Find a friend, head on over, and satisfy your Mexican cravings. Not to mention, all of this comes at a student-friendly cost. 

Olivia Feldman

So Blue Hens, now that you have a few more foodie secrets under your belt, use them to your advantage. Step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your taste buds' horizons. Give Newarks hidden culinary gems a chance, and trust me when I tell you there is more to life than Playa Bowls and NDB.