There have been so many days this year when I have woken up and felt like I needed a cup of coffee. No longer is it a desire, it has become a necessity. I didn't think I would be proud of my new addiction, but recently I have been accepting it and honoring it as I bounce from coffee shop to coffee shop down on Newark's Main Street.  However, it can be quite difficult deciding which to go to for a nice warm cup of coffee and a place to study because each shop's environment is quite different. With this list, you'll definitely find the best places for a brew and a study break.

1. For the Snuggler: Brewed Awakenings

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha
Gabby Phi

Okay, I am biased, but I am absolutely in love with Brewed Awakenings. A quiet shop on Main Street, Brewed Awakenings only has about four small tables and a tiny, cozy atmosphere. If you are the type of student that likes to snuggle up with a blanket at home watching movies in the fall, this is the place for you. Filled with alternative music and relaxed employees, Brewed Awakenings also has one of the largest menus out of all the coffee shops on campus. Its candy lattes are unbeatable and the chunky monkey flavor is out of this world.  

2. For The Multi-Tasker: Starbucks

milk, cream, coffee, tea, chocolate
Abby Reisinger

We all saw this one coming. Starbucks is one of the busiest, bustling locations you will ever visit, but it is also a great place to study. I cannot tell you the number of times I've gone to Starbucks on Saturdays after brunch and camped out there for hours. Despite the chaos, the drinks are delicious and with a green card there are free refills on coffee and tea, which you cannot beat.

Starbucks has a long wooden table that most people sit at, so if you need ample room or silence to do your work, head to another corner instead. If you're looking to shake up your drink order while you are studying, ask for an iced caramel macchiato but substitute pumpkin for the caramel. 

3. For The Busy Bee: Einstein Bros. Bagels

wheat, bread, bagel, cereal, bun, pastry, dough, flour
Ashley Hamati

While I have never had a bagel from the Einstein's, I have had their coffee, so that counts for something right? The Einstein Bros. Bagels in ISE lab is perfect if you have a class in the building or are in between courses with an hour to spare. Get there early though, it can get so packed that every table is taken. Einstein will be the perfect fit for you if you want to stay on campus and be close to dorms and dining halls. 

4. For The Drink Enthusiast: Brew Ha Ha

Ming-Ray Liao

There are many people who swear by Brew Ha Ha as the end all be all of coffee shops. It has a large range of available drinks and is quite an eclectic location. Small inside, Brew Ha Ha also has tables to sit at and study while trying some delicious drinks. My favorite is the Fall Patch latte, which is basically fall in a cup.  

5. For The People Watcher: Dunkin' Donuts 

milk, cream, sweet, yogurt, coffee, chocolate, dairy product
Elena Bailoni

If you like a wide-range of iced coffee flavors and want a quick breakfast wrap to hold you over while studying for your exam next week, this all-time favorite is the place for you. Dunkin' Donuts on Main Street has a wide array of flavors of coffee, including toasted almond, blueberry, salted caramel, and coconut. They also just redid the store so there are high tables, low seating booth areas, and chairs by the window. The door opens frequently though, so it can get quite cold in Dunks. In addition, you can sit by the large window in the front of the store and watch people walk by on Main Street, which is a show in itself.

This coming weekend, when you are sick of studying in the dorm or apartment and are ready to venture down to Main Street to check out all of the coffee shops, choose wisely. These five offer some of the best brews around town, but each have different study environments. Pick one depending on your workload, coffee flavor preference, and proximity to available resources. If you are plagued with hours and hours worth of work, I suggest you test a few different places out to decide which is best for you. Happy studying!