If you haven't been to Ginger and Garlic, say hello this week. If it's your go-to dinner spot, say goodbye to Ginger and Garlic with a few more of your favorite bowls. One more week and this won't be an option at Washington and Lee University anymore. 

Try something new

Ben Capouya

Here's what to expect:

This Asian-inspired menu features salads, rice bowls, and mixed bowls topped with your choice of orange-sesame chicken, ginger grilled chicken, braised bulgogi beef brisket, Korean BBQ pork, or Szechuan tofu and sweet potatoes with other cold and ambient toppings and your choice of sauce or dressing. 

Ginger and Garlic also offers what seems to be many W&L students' favorite vegetable with an Asian twist: Kung Pao Brussels sprouts.

This menu seems to be getting mixed reviews. Most students enjoy it, but it has its downfalls. When compared to the previous menus, Ginger and Garlic seems to be falling flat. Many students cite the lack of healthy or gluten free options as a drawback. 

W&L junior Ben Capuya frequents Ginger and Garlic. 

"The egg rolls are solid ... good and juicy while also being crispy," he said. "The grilled chicken is sub par, too dry and lacks flavor. The fried rice is pretty basic, nothing special ... just gets the job done. The breaded sweet and sour chicken is pretty good.... The kimchi is also really dank."  

All in all, the general consensus is that Ginger and Garlic isn't the best menu, but it has redeeming qualities. Try it for dinner tonight, tomorrow and the rest of the week. Try something new if you've fallen into a rut. 

Or just get ready for Meza Feta, the new menu!