Calling all LMU Students and Playa Del Rey residents, your new favorite poke shop has arrived. TikiFish in PDR sits inside Gordon's Market, the corner shop on Culver Blvd. I can rightfully call this poke stop a hidden gem, since it truly is hidden, tucked in the back of Gordon's as a traditional market deli. This new poke spot in Playa Del Rey is offering 10% discount to LMU Students, so next time you head to the beach for a day in the sun, don't forget to grab lunch first.


303 Culver Blvd. in PDR is the perfect place to grab delicious poke, and maybe pick up something extra from the beverage options at Gordon's for a perfect picnic. Since the beach is a short walk down the street from TikiFish, it's the spot to grab lunch and go enjoy your day in the sun.

To make this new poke spot in Playa Del Rey even cooler, Bobby Hundreds from the Hundreds brand designed and worked on the signature mural that makes this location stand out aside from its killer menu.


This is not your average poke. I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the soft opening of TikiFish, and I was blown away by the flavorful, fresh and exciting poke and seafood dishes I was served. Unlike other poke shops that can get expensive and serve little fish, TikiFish takes pride in their high-quality fish and affordable prices. I ordered a small size, and it was a healthy lunch portion that was entirely satisfying.

I spoke with Chef Lionel who informed me that this new poke spot in Playa Del Rey is a tasting kitchen for him and his staff where they can experiment and serve specialty dishes to perfect for their larger locations.

Not only does this location serve delicious poke, they also offer ceviche which is incredible. Chef Lionel is inspired by his roots in Filipino culture and demonstrates the influence in his cuisine. I sampled Rock Fish Ceviche with Shrimp Chips, and it was unique and absolutely delicious. There is a mastery of flavor in the TikiFish kitchen as nothing is overly sweet or spicy, every little thing is just right.  


LMU Students will receive a 10% discount when you show your Student ID. 

How can it get any better? Summer is here, so grab a cold one, a fresh bowl of poke and head to the sun and sand. With our closest beach just steps away, this is the new local spot for LMU Students and everyone in PDR.