New donut shop alert! Amy's Donuts opened up a couple months ago and has already hit Tucson by storm. This donut shop is conveniently open 24/7 and perfect for any sweet or even salty craving. What makes this place different from any other donut shop? Well, let me tell you.

Amy's Donuts is located off of Fort Lowell road and as mentioned before, is open all day and every day! Amy's Donuts emphasizes putting a unique twist on the everyday dessert, donuts. In addition to serving up Tucson locals, Amy's is different because they encourage field trips to visit their store. At these field trips, kids have the opportunity to see how the donuts are made and learn about the process.

The Flavors

Amy's Donuts offers a variety of different and special flavored donuts. For example, they have Dirt and Worms, Chocolate Ganache, The Arizona Wildcat, and Over the Rainbow (pictured above). Some other cool flavors include Almond Joy, Banana Fudge, Orange Creamsicle, Butterfingers Cake, and Peanut Butter Oreo. When I visited, I decided to try the Over the Rainbow donut because It was the most aesthetically pleasing.   However, it was also so delicious and I would totally order it again! Another one of my favorites was the Chocolate Ganache, which was rich with chocolate flavor.

What Makes Amy's Donuts Different 

The shop is especially recognized for using yeast dough on certain doughnuts, which makes the donut more dense and cake-like. I tried the blueberry old-fashioned, which was by far the best blueberry old-fashioned doughnut I have ever tasted. It was super moist and full of flavor.


In addition to the yummy donuts, the location is super warm and welcoming. Only a short drive from campus, this donut shop is definitely worth the trip. You will instantly go back in time to your childhood from all of the bright colors and decorations that fill the shop. The staff is very friendly and so excited for you try their amazing creations.

If you have not seen these donuts blowing up your Instagram feed, I highly recommend you add this place to your Tucson food bucket list! Also visit their website, which lists all their different flavors and locations. Now go out and grab a delicious donut from Amy's Donuts!