When we’re not lounging by the pool in Tucson, you can find us feasting on all the deliciousness the Old Pueblo has to offer.

1. Pink Dragon Acai Bowl at Goodness


Photo courtesy of Stephanie Y. on Yelp

Acai bowls are a great way to detox from a week of eating fast food or a night of drinking too many cocktails at the bar. Something about eating delicious, pure ingredients and fresh fruit will energize you and make you feel ready to take on the world. With this dragon, you’re a Khaleesi for sure.

2. Deluxe Grinder Meal at Eegees


Photo courtesy of @eegees on Instagram

Eegees restaurants are exclusive to the Tucson area. Their flavored, icy drink will cool you down on those hot, summer days. Pair it with a grinder-style sub sandwich and ranch fries for the full Eegees experience.

3. President’s Plate at Mi Nidito


Photo courtesy of David M. on Yelp

Fun Fact: Bill Clinton ordered this meal in 1999. You can count on this to be amazing, since it’s POTUS approved.

4. The Beni at Prep and Pastry

Photo by PrincessCandyEmpire P. on Yelp

Photo courtesy of PrincessCandyEmpire P. on Yelp

There’s few things that will get a college kid out of bed on a Sunday morning, and brunch is definitely one of them. This eggs benedict at Prep and Pastry is what brunch dreams are made of. P.S. their cocktails are legit too.

5. Sammy Dog at El Guero Canelo


Photo courtesy of Mike H. on Foursquare

Two is always better than one. The Sammy dog comes with two bacon-wrapped franks in one bun. This Sonoran hot dog is a staple in the Tucson food scene and El Guero Canelo is known to have one of the best.

6. Pho at Miss Saigon


Photo courtesy of Miss Saigon.com

Give your taste buds a surprise with Miss Saigon’s authentic Vietnamese flavors. They have a location midtown, close to U of A, so there is no excuse not to try this. Their pho is one in a million.

 7. Chicken Pesto Pizza at Sauce


Photo courtesy of Sauce on Yelp

Switch up your typical pepperoni and cheese pizza order because chicken pesto has never tasted this good. Your life = slayed.

8. Coffee at Savaya Coffee Market


Photo courtesy of Savaya on Facebook

Coffee lovers, rejoice. Savaya serves organic, fair trade coffee that is caffeine perfection. It will have you questioning what you’ve been doing with your life.

9. White Widow Sandwich at Cheba Hut


Photo courtesy of Cheba Hut.com

When hunger strikes, this is the place to go. With cool sub names like the Dank, Silver Haze and Chronic, they cater to a specific crowd who are not strangers to the munchies. The gooey goodness of their White Widow with chicken, bacon, ranch and cheese is a game changer.

10. Lobster Mac and Cheese at HUB


Photo courtesy of The Hub on Facebook

The Hub can do no wrong. The whole menu is a 10, but their Lobster Mac and Cheese will have you feeling some type of way.  

11. Honey Gold Wings at Wings Over Broadway


Photo courtesy of Antonia M. on Yelp

Hands down, this is the best spot for wings in Tucson. WOB’s wings are cooked to perfection with the right amount of crispness and saucy goodness. They have many sauce flavors to choose from and they’re all amazing, but honey gold is on another level.

12. Camarones Rellenos at Mariscos Chihuahua


Photo courtesy of Greg M. on Yelp

This is not a drill. Shrimp wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cheese is actually a thing and it tastes unreal.

13. Chili Verde Chimichanga at Guadalajara Original Grill


Photo courtesy of Erik J. on Yelp

Mexican food is hangry’s kryptonite. Gimme the chimi and no one gets hurt.

14. Chili Dogs at Pat’s Diner


Photo courtesy of  Alison Steinwellner on Culinarytravel

If you are into nostalgia and hot dogs, Pat’s has you covered. Their 50’s style and old school vibes are perfect for anyone who wishes they lived in that time period.

15. Donkey Punch Burger at Lindy’s


Photo courtesy of Steve J. on Yelp

Lindy’s offers great burgers, drinks and a cool atmosphere to hangout with friends. It’s also home to the O.M.G challenge, which Adam Richman from Man vs. Food attempted to complete.

16. Wrigley Field at Diablo Burger


Photo courtesy of Ray H. on Yelp

This is a burger you can trust. Diablo Burger’s beef is local, grass-fed and hormone-free, which adds to the distinctive flavors. Plus, with the restaurant’s large windows and patio seating, you have a nice view of all the action happening downtown.

17. Godfather Benedict at Nook


Photo courtesy of Nook on Facebook

If you’re like me, then you could eat breakfast at any time of the day. Nook’s exotic and local food options offer something for everyone. I almost forgot to mention their classy, urban atmosphere that makes it hard to leave.

18. Classic Graze Double at Graze


Photo by Daniel Mathia

Graze’s burgers are one of the best I’ve ever had. You know that you’ve struck gold when a burger is hard to finish because it’s so thick and juicy. Be sure to check out the sauce bar because there are so many to choose from. Also, don’t forget to order fries and cane sugar soda, they complete the meal.

19. Tacos at Street Taco & Beer Co.


Photo courtesy of Street Taco & Beer Co. on Facebook

Taco Tuesday is basically a holiday, which means school and work can wait. Right now, tacos and beer are calling your name and it’s your duty to answer. The unlimited tortilla chips and various toppings are just an added bonus.

20. Donuts at Batch Cafe & Bar


Photo courtesy of @batchtucson on Instagram

Batch simply oozes of coolness. The rustic, artistic vibe of the restaurant and awesome service makes you feel right at home; if only it were a sugar filled palace with unlimited booze. This is the only place you can order alcohol, grilled cheese and donuts without anyone looking at you like you’re Britney Spears circa 2007.

21. Red John Angus Burger at Serial Grillers


Photo courtesy of @serialgrillers on Instagram

Serial Grillers is that traditional place where you can grab a pizza, burger or sandwich and catch up with your crew. Their top-notch food has been featured on Forbes, Food Network, 10Best.Com and countless other publications.

22. Pork 3 Ways Poutine at US Fries


Photo courtesy of usfries.com

The only thing better than french fries are french fries loaded with meat, gravy and cheese. This poutine dish combines pork, ham and bacon, so you don’t have to sacrifice the protein gains.

23. Chef’s Plate at Cafe Poca Cosa


Photo courtesy of Tripadvisor

The chefs at Cafe Poca Cosa are masters in the kitchen, as this dish never disappoints. It has three different entrees of the chef’s choosing and the large portions gives you a bang for your buck. Indecisive eaters, this place was created for you. If you still have room for dessert, the cupcakes are a must!

24. Chicken Katsu and Kalua Pork Plate at Mama’s Hawaiian BBQ


Photo courtesy of John C. on Yelp

Eating at Mama’s is pretty much the only Hawaiian vacation most of us will be taking this year. Good thing they have all the traditional Hawaiian food you could imagine. Aloha!

Be sure to try ALL of these places, you won’t want to miss out.