Hello North Haven! A small and over looked town with great hiking trails and great restaurants. There's not much to do here except to eat! So here are my top ten restaurants in North Haven to fill the void that is my stomach and life.

10. Tastebuds

Average Price: $7

 Tastebuds, a small deli, serves huge sandwiches that satisfy your stomach and wallet!

Try the Old Glory American Combo or Mel's Chicken!

9. Mama Rosa's

Average price: $13

This little gem is a hidden treasure. Mama Rosa's is often an overlooked pizza place, but is one of the best. With the best sauce in town and countless other Italian dishes, Mama Rosa's is definitely a family favorite. 

Try the Mama Rosa's Special or the Seafood Delight!

8. Moonrise

Average price: $6

Right next to the town Green is this hipster hideaway. They have great coffee, froyo, and breakfast sandwiches. If you're lucky you might even run into a jazz night. 

Try the Moonrise Sandwich.

7. Ludal's

Average Price: $25

An upscale Italian restaurant, Ludal's is North Haven's restaurant for special occasions. It's a bit of a price hike, but is well worth the cost. 

Try the Chicken Sicilliano or Gnocchi and Sausage!

6. Liuzzi's

Average Price: $8

A family owned and operated store and deli, Luizzi's offers the best of Italy. They cater to the many Italian residents of North Haven and surrounding areas.

Try their Cold Cut Combo!

5. Bagelicious

A favorite with my friends, Bagelicious is our to-go breakfast/ brunch spot. They have fresh, tasty bagels that are only $1! Not to mention amazing toppings to go with the bagels!

Try their Buffalo Bagel!

4. State Street Cafe

Average Price: $10

This place puts a fresh twist on traditional diner meals as well as creating their own delicious recipes. Their plates are huge and delicious. Make sure to get there early because it fills up quick!

Try their Avocado Omelet or Cinnamon Roll Pancakes!

3. Sushi Palace

Average Price: $15

This spot is my family's favorite restaurant and it's starting to become mine. Sushi Palace offers unlimited sushi for just over $20. That's right, unlimited. They have more than just sushi with chicken teriyaki, udon, miso soup, and much more on their Kitchen Menu. 

Try their Pink Lady roll or the Butterfly roll! 

2. JRoo's

Average Price : $15

Everyone in North Haven knows JRoos, they have the best pizza in town. You've probably been to at least one birthday party or family gathering here. 

Try their: Mashed Potato Pizza or the Linguini and Clams!

1. Athena Diner

Average Price: $12

You all knew this was coming. Around since 1985, it's where we go to see our friends we haven't seen in forever, if you're hungry at 3AM, or after a game, a concert, and even prom. Athena is our place. From milkshakes and clubs to pies and pancakes. Athena brings our town together.

Try their: Chicken Souvlaki

If you haven't been to these restaurants or tried some of the featured dishes, go out there and try them! There is a pretty big and yummy food adventure here in North Haven.

Some Honorable mentions:

Grand Apizza


Nick's Char pit

Annie's Kitchen