There’s no denying it; lobster rolls are an art and deserve to be treated as such. I was recently on my annual summer vacation with my family in Montauk, NY. Being so close to the ocean provides access to some of the best lobster around. With the help of some very proud lobster enthusiasts, I went on an adventure to find the best lobster roll in all of Montauk.

The Lobster Roll aka "Lunch"

The holy grail of Montauk lobster rolls. This restaurant has been family owned and operated for the last 52 years serving up lobster in 40 DIFFERENT WAYS including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

crab, shrimp, lobster
Maddie Hinderstein

Why It's the Best

Bun- The bun is perfectly toasted, but it's not warm. I've found that warm buns awkwardly heat the mayonnaise and lobster, and make for a weird taste. If the bun is toasted yet also room temperature, you still get that crispiness with a solid structure but no "warm meat mixture."

Lobster- Not a mayonnaise salad, not a celery salad, it's a lobster salad so that lobster should be, and is, the star. The chunks are nice and big and no meat is spared. You get meat from the claws, the tail, and the legs. The lobster salad itself can be enjoyed in a bun, on top of lettuce or kale, and even sandwiched in a grilled cheese.

Sides- Lobster rolls can be great on their own but there's a lot of sweet flavors in that bun so it's nice to have a side dish that contrasts it like salty fries. Just simple crinkle cut fries can turn this dish from zero to hero.

Restaurant Atmosphere- With multigenerational customers, this is a great place to bring family, friends, and kids of all ages. Everyone is happy to be there, including the staff. They are so knowledgeable and passionate about the food they're serving, and as a customer, that's what you expect.

A lot of places kept popping up as good contenders like The Clam Bar, Gosman's, and Duryea's. But when it comes down to it, nothing can beat The Lobster Roll. Its generational customer base and the passion of its employees make it the place to be to make your summer.