Mob Burger is a restaurant in NJ that serves killer hotdogs, burgers, and fries, literally. They stick with the theme of mob/mafia throughout the restaurant, menu, and overall presentation. Whether you are a die hard fan of the Godfather, Scarface, or Goodfellas, this is a must-try. 

The Atmosphere

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Allison Curley

While it was fairly quiet on a Monday afternoon, I thoroughly enjoyed the view outside of NYC and my obscene amount of food. 

Although some people might not care as much about this as I do, Mob Burger was extremely clean and accessible. The entire place was spotless, which to me means a lot when walking into a restaurant.

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Allison Curley

The coolest part about Mob Burger, however, is that it sets the mood for your afternoon. From wall to wall, there are posters and memorabilia of the classic mob movies like Scarface and the Godfather. The customer knows immediately that this is going to be more of an experience than a meal.

The television screen even plays movies like Scarface and A Bronx Tale throughout the day, so that the customer can really get in the mob mindset.

This restaurant is a destination, especially on a Friday or Saturday when they are open until 3am. This way, you can always get your mob fix, not to mention your burger one.

The Mob Food

cheddar, cheese, egg, bacon
Allison Curley

Served on an old piece of newspaper, all of their foods fit the theme and the stomachs of mob men. Pictured above is the "Bada Bing BBQ" burger, which features fresh burger meat stuffed with bacon and cheddar cheese topped off with onion rings and BBQ sauce. 

After talking to the kitchen staff about the menu, I was thoroughly impressed that they make their own burger patties and buns fresh in the restaurant. Most food places these days take a lot of short cuts, but not Mob Burger.

hot chocolate, cream, chocolate
Allison Curley

Not only does their menu feature gooey, greasy, and delicious burgers and dogs, but they also make their own variety of mob milkshakes. Flavors like cookies and cream, nutta butta, and chocolate chip mint, which is pictured above, are all made with local ice cream and then handspun. 

At Mob Burger, indulgence is a must and you will probably leave in a food coma. However, for someone like me who has a totally dairy-free diet, it was hard to find something free of cheese on the menu.

sauce, beef, poutine, french fries
Allison Curley

The restaurant itself was very accommodating, but the menu is definitely meant for those who can eat tons of meat and cheese. 

Overall, Mob Burger has an amazing atmosphere with really helpful staff members and a killer mob theme. I thoroughly enjoyed my food coma while watching the movie Scarface. Whether you're obsessed with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino or not, this is an experience worth trying.