Hearing the name Mitchell's rings bells of joy and delight me. No, it's not a guy, it's an ice cream shop. I love Mitchell's because there are 38 flavors to choose from, so I have options. So, to help you sort through all of this ice cream, I have gone through the (terrible, horrible, no good) trouble of tasting as many flavors as I could at Mitchell's. Here's a roundup of my personal favorites.

Bing Cherry Chocolate Chunk

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Joanne Tan

With a name that long, Bing Cherry Chocolate Chunk is a mouthful in both its name and its taste. While there is definitely chocolate in this, it also has a strong cherry taste. As someone who doesn't like cherry, I couldn't stomach more than a tiny spoon, but if you like the fruit then this is your dream flavor.

Fresh Strawberry

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Joanne Tan

Who doesn't love a good strawberry? Besides being one of my favorite fruits on this beautiful planet, it is also a go-to flavor of mine when I'm craving something fresh. Thankfully for those who like to keep it fresh, Mitchell's does so excellently with their Fresh Strawberry flavor.

Caramel Sea Salt

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Torey Walsh

Caramel Sea Salt, it's one of those flavors that you keep seeing everywhere: in chocolate, in coffee, and now in ice cream? How good could it be? Well, I have news for you, pretty darn good. Now, if you're looking for something that's not very sweet, this isn't the right spot, after all you are in the Sweet-Tooth section. For the saltiness it lacks, Mitchell's Sea Salt Caramel hits all the right notes with sweetness and caramel.  It's a flavor you'll want after a heavy night of mourning your grade on that O Chem test.

Blue Cosmo

Blue Cosmo is known for its distinctive color. It's the ice cream that you see little kids eating, with their noses and tongues all dyed blue with this delight. And it's no surprise that kids love this sweet flavor, because it's as wonderfully (sickeningly) sweet as it is blue.

Caramel Fudge Brownie

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Sarah Wang

Caramel Fudge Brownie is one the most popular flavors at Mitchell's. It's actually the first flavor I tried there. With a delicious mix of brownie pieces, caramel drizzles, and a rich vanilla bean background on which all of these elements play with each other, your taste buds will be as delighted as mine were the first time I tried it.

Cookie Dough

Cookie Dough is another classic flavor that never fails to please. The vanilla bean ice cream combines beautifully with the small homemade cookie-dough pieces to create a truly unforgettable cookie dough experience.

Toasted Pistachio

For those so inclined to traditional ice cream flavors, pistachio is the perfect sweet-but-not-too-sweet flavor. It has a creamy texture and with just a hint of the nutty taste had me imagining I was sitting in a street cafe on a hot summer night and people watching. 

Cookies and Cream

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Sarah Wu

If there is anything that reminds me of a traditional mom and pop ice cream shop it's Cookies and Cream. For when you're craving a taste of high school summer trips to the beach, eating ice cream on the sand as the sun sets (just me? Oh well). Mitchell's Cookies and Cream hits the nostalgia spot.

Fresh Mint Chocolate Chunk

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Amanda Chong

Fresh Mint Chocolate Chunk is the classic mint chocolate chip flavor you love without the boxed toothpaste taste. Mitchell's uses fresh mint, which makes the ice cream taste more fresh and delicious and less like you're brushing your teeth.

Vanilla Bean

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Grace Bodkin

Vanilla. What more is there to say than it is the creme de la creme of classic flavors, the building block of great ice cream, and very hard to do right. All I have to say in this matter is go in and try it, you won't regret it.

Frozen Yogurt

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Joanne Tan

Apart from their delicious, creamy ice cream, Mitchell's has an array of frozen yogurt flavors for those of you that take a pass on ice cream. Three of my favorites are the Coffee & Cookies, Vanilla Bean, and Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel. Each one tastes like a dream, so much so that I forgot I was even eating yogurt.


And last, but certainly not least are Mitchell's sorbets. They are made exclusively with fruit, sugar, and water which make for a refreshing, but sweet, treat. The two flavors are Mango, made with Indian Alphonso mangoes, and Raspberry, made with Oregon red raspberries. And if it's game day, get a double scoop to add a  sweet touch of Cavs to the jersey you're already wearing (right?).

So go, get off your computer and treat yourself to some Mitchell's. You'll thank me later. And if you can't, well here's a list of goodies you can buy online to satiate your ice cream needs.