If nothing else, Melbourne really excels in one area: catering for funky dietary requirements. No matter where you choose to eat, you're sure to find menu items that are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan—there's even a whole café dedicated to those brave souls on the FODMAP diet. Sometimes, though, one or two menu options just aren't enough—especially when you find yourself eating the same thing every time you go out. So no matter what type of food you're craving—from Mexican to Israeli—here's a list of totally vegan-friendly restaurants around Melbourne.


Located in Northcote, Tahina is serving up the best vegetarian/vegan Israeli street food you'll ever sink your teeth into. The most expensive dish on the menu comes in at a measly $15, making it an awesome place to have a delicious family-style meal with a bunch of friends.

Author's pick: Vegan carrot hotdog

Trippy Taco

Vegan elotés. Need I even say more? Trippy Taco has everything a vegan Mexican-street-food-lover could dream of. Vegan sour cream, vegan cheese, vegan chipotle mayo—they even have their very own vegan rendition of Nutella for dessert. Everything on the (extensive, mouth-watering) menu is either vegetarian or vegan—and it's super affordable, too. They have a Northside location (Fitzroy) and a Southside location (St. Kilda), so you never have to travel too far to get your fix.

Author's pick: Original Trippy Tacos with black beans

Red Sparrow Pizza

Okay, I know that when you picture "vegan pizza", horrifying images of cheeseless, meatless, tasteless pizzas spring to mind. But Red Sparrow, Melbourne's first vegan-only pizzeria, is here to change that. Vegan cheeses and meatless meats are the norm here—I promise that you won't miss the dairy. There are tons of options for vegans, vegetarians, meat-eaters, and even those with gluten, nut, and soy intolerances. 

Author's pick: "Pepperoni" pizza (with extra roasted red capsicums!)

Vegie Bar

Veggie. Heaven. Vegie Bar is my personal favourite, located on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. The menu has a massive array of different cuisines, all suited for vegetarians and vegans—they even specialise in raw food. Although they don't take bookings, you can hang out in their cool backyard bar while you wait for a table.

Author's pick: Tofu and quinoa burger and a coconut-choc shake

Mantra Lounge

Located just off the UniMelb Parkville campus on Grattan St, Mantra Lounge is serving up an awesomely eclectic, 100% vegan menu. The food is insanely cheap, yet insanely delicious. Options range from Korean BBQ nuggets to lasagna to curry.

Author's pick: "Sausage" roll

Girls & Boys

100% PLANT-BASED AND VEGAN DESSERTS. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Yes, even soft serve. No, it doesn't mean it's healthy. Yes, you should try everything on the menu anyway. Seriously, whoever said that veganism is boring obviously hasn't been to Girls & Boys in Fitzroy. Menu items include smoothies, smoothie bowls, gelato, croissant sandwiches with gelato filling, thickshakes, and vegan soft serve. Go bananas.

Author's pick: Dragonfruit bowl

This is just a small taste of the amazing vegan scene Melbourne offers. To find even more great places to eat in Melbourne, check out The 5 Best Brunch Spots in Fitzroy.