Out of all of the foods in the world, matcha and crepes are just two things that most people love and would never imagine together. At Takahachi Bakery, their matcha crepes serve as one of their most popular items and have taken Instagram by storm. 

What is Takahachi Bakery?

Takahachi Bakery is this tiny Japanese bakery located in the TriBeCa neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City. Besides serving pastries, they also have a decently-sized selection of sandwiches, bread, and other sweet treats to choose from. 

Although Takahachi is not a matcha-based bakery/cafe, there are several matcha hot spots to check out while in New York

#SpoonTip: When at Takahachi, enter through the back door. Not only is it easier to use, but it will leave you closer to the food and pastries. Also, start looking at the food in the cooler first and then make your way back to the food and pastries on the shelves before looking at what's offered by the cash register... or go straight to the cash register and drool over their matcha crepes.

The Matcha Crepes

Takahachi's matcha crepes are made out of a thin dough and are covered in delicious matcha that has bold flavor. The inside of the crepes is this smooth and cooling cream that is mixed in with a touch of red bean. These matcha crepes look like they are baby burritos and are wrapped up in pages from what appears to be an Italian newspaper and are sealed with a sticker with the Takahachi Bakery logo on it. 

#SpoonTip: When eating a matcha crepe, use your hands. They're twenty times messier using a fork and knife. Also, using your hands will help taste the flavor of the crepes much better than a fork and knife ever will.