Matcha anything seems to be all the rave this year. We’ve seen it throughout our instagram, facebook, and twitter feed. Here are some of the places you should plan for your next food adventure:

1. Chalait

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If you haven’t seen it on everyone’s instagram already, you have to try Chalait. Not only is it made just for everyone’s favorite meal of the day, brunch, but Chalait also makes latte-art. Scratch that. They make latte-art on top of a matcha green tea latte.

2. Bibble and Sip


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The mascot of Bibble and Sip is a llama. I repeat, the mascot of Bibble and Sip is a llama. If the name of the place and the mascot does not entice you to go in then I don’t know what will. Perhaps the matcha flavored creme puffs, pudding, and ice lattes will.

3. Matcha Bar

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The two brothers who opened MatchaBar created the tagline, “Good things come to those who hustle.” And if you’re a New Yorker, you know the meaning of hustle. The good things about this café is that you can buy their cafes and sweets in store or buy a bottle online! Also, they’re one of the only cafes that serve matcha brownies. Now you can have matcha brownies with your matcha lattes.

4.  Boba Guys

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If you haven’t heard, Boba Guys originated from San Francisco but they have finally arrived to New York. Looking for organic ingredients? Boba Guys has them! With no artificial ingredients or powders, New Yorkers can finally visit a premium bubble tea joint.

5. Matcha Cafe Wabi

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Great matcha at low prices! That’s something every on-the-budget college student wants to hear. This little café has a wide selection of matcha based snacks like rice krispies, cookies and brownies. Plus they carefully topple every matcha lattle with a delicate finish such as flowers or snowflakes.