Over the past 4 years on campus, I have seen UD's Main Street change. Businesses and restaurants have open and closed and have been replaced with new fan favorites. Fast-casual restaurants are so convenient for the college student on the run.

In the past two semesters, two healthier fast-casual restaurants have come to UD and students are loving honeygrow and Roots Natural Kitchen. If you love them both equally like me and can't figure out your favorite, let the UD Main Street battle begin.

Roots Natural Kitchen

beer, coffee
Lindsay Carroll

Roots Natural Kitchen is new to Main Street, but students are flocking to the restaurant. Roots reminds me of Chipotle and El Diablo, in the sense that you walk down the service line and verbalize what you want in your bowl. However, if you are anything like me and are not good with making decisions, there are pre-set bowls that you can choose from. My go to order is  the Roots Bowl or the Mayweather Bowl.

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Lindsay Carroll


Lindsay Carroll

Unlike Roots, honeygrow offers more than just bowls. At this new Main Street joint, you can order a salad or stir-fry off of the menu or you can create your own. If you aren't in the mood for a big meal, try their yogurt creation and order a honeybar.  I also love watching them make the meals in the open kitchen. I ordered the Walnut Street Noodle Salad and a honeybar.

noodle, pasta, chicken, spaghetti
Lindsay Carroll

The Final Verdict

Overall, I like Roots and honeygrow because they offer unique, alternative options to some of the restaurants on Main Street. I like the variety of choices you can get at honeygrow, which is good when I am craving some stir-fry or the honeybar. I also enjoy the vibe I get from Roots and how their bowls are simple, yet packed with so many fresh veggies. Both are great options for a college student looking for a nice affordable meal on Main Street.

However, in this Main Street Battle, I choose Roots over honeygrow. There's just something about the bowls that Roots offers that make me feel a certain way, there's so many bold flavors in each bowl and it's healthy too. If you haven't tried Roots yet (and honeygrow too), make sure go and check it out.