Sujeo (pronounced soo-joe) refers to the traditional Korean setting of a spoon and chopstick set. The name of this Madison-famous restaurant is Korean; however, the menu is not limited to just Korean dishes. This noodle and Pan-Asian restaurant located a little ways from Capitol Square is definitely worth the 10-minute Uber from campus. Whether it's for lunch, dinner, or drinks, you will definitely be in for a modern and unique dining experience. 

About The Restaurant

Sujeo is located down the street from Capitol Square, right across the street from Festival Foods. It is a spacious and trendy place with a full bar. Lunch is served on Monday and Wednesday-Sunday from 11am-4:30pm. Dinner is served on the same days from 4:30pm-9pm. You can make reservations for any party size, or you can even order carry-out or delivery. 

Chef Tory Miller pulls his influence from many cuisines. He fuses locally-sourced ingredients with Asian cooking techniques and flavors to create a menu meant to be shared with the entire Madison community. If you're of age, be sure to wash down all of he unique and flavorful dishes with Sujeo's variety of tiki-inspired cocktails. 

The Menu

I went to Sujeo for lunch on a cold snowy day with friends. I started off with a couple of dumplings. They had a flavorful pork filling and were topped with broth, sesame seeds, and shrimp crackers. They were beautifully presented and made the perfect appetizer on an unbearably cold day. 

The menu was definitely inspired by many different cuisines, including American. For the main course, I ended up ordering the Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich. It was a mix between a crispy chicken fast food sandwich and a high-quality Korean meal. 

Sujeo also has a variety of noodle dishes that are perfect for Madison winters including Dan Dan noodles, Ramen, and Pho. If you haven't tried any of these trendy noodle dishes yet, Sujeo is the place to go. They even have more classic dishes like egg rolls, create-your-own spring rolls, and kimchi if you're feeling more old-school.

What Students Have To Say

I feel like Sujeo is a good place to get off campus and try a unique take on Asian cuisine. The service in-house is quick and friendly. Conveniently, students can also order delivery or takeout online if they prefer. All the dishes are not overly-priced, and there are deals throughout the year. Be sure to follow @sujeomadison on Instagram to stay posted on any deals and specials. 

@charlleats (foodstagrammer and UW graduate) says that Sujeo has a "hip and modern vibe". He loves to go there after a long day to grab some dumplings or Dan Dan noodles.

We're both thankful for the fact that our vegetarian friends can eat there too. You can sub or eliminate the meat in most of the dishes. Sujeo truly has a dish for everyone to enjoy. 

When you're craving takeout and want to go beyond QQ Express or Ginger Root, consider Sujeo. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience. Plus, if you slurp your noodles, they won't judge.