You know when you were younger and just wanted to bottle up summer, preserving it for whenever the weather was a little too gloomy? Me too. Luckily for us, Loosie's Kitchen exists. The sister restaurant to Brooklyn's favorite NOLA-inspired bar, Loosie's is a tried and true urban oasis.

I brunched at this Williamsburg institution on one of the dreariest days in April, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

The Location

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Beatrice Forman

Despite it being located in the back of a bar, Loosie's Kitchen hits you with a vibe of its own. From the minute you walk the down the secret side alley to its front entrance, you're immersed in a Brooklyn-charm-meets-California-cool atmosphere. From the moss covered windows to the decorative bathtub, Loosie's ensures an aesthetically pleasing experience. 

The Atmosphere

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Beatrice Forman

Even on the dreariest of Saturdays, natural light floods Loosie's Kitchen. It bounces off the colorful mural, reflecting onto your pretty lattes and perfectly cooked sunny side up eggs. This lighting sets the tone for the entire dining experience. It makes the space feel homey yet foreign, kind of like "your stylish friend's backyard."

Loosie's also corners the market on kitschy restaurants with exposed brick and funky flatware. Each table is the color of a Crayola sunset, adding a certain whimsical feeling to the white walls. There's even a cozy corner tucked in between the bar and the dining area, complete with a bookcase so lofty you need a ladder to reach it.

The Food 

Beatrice Forman

Loosie's Kitchen adds a Southern flair to your favorite breakfast fare. The waffles are topped with spicy chicken and house-pickled pickles and the chicken sandwich is served in between a fresh buttermilk biscuit. In contrast with the heaviness normally associated with Southern food, Loosie's food doesn't weigh you down. It toes the line between satisfying and stuffed, leaving your appetite unspoiled for a second brunch. 

bacon, waffle
Beatrice Forman

It's no surprise to find chicken and waffles on a Southern menu. It's as common as sweet tea or cherry pie. However, Loosie's take on the the classic is like no other. The maple syrup has a slight kick, adding a certain edge to your standard breakfast. 

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Beatrice Forman

The Hot Nashville Chicken Sandwich is more than hot, it's smoking. By far one of their most popular and 'grammable menu items, the sandwich aims to please. The chicken is delightfully crispy and the egg is perfectly runny. Plus, the biscuit bun does double duty, acting as both support for all the flavors and sponge for all that yolk.

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Beatrice Forman

Thanks to Loosie's, I will only take my eggs baked. There's simply no turning back. The cheese exists symbiotically with the eggs, making the perfect base for the meatballs. 

#SpoonTip: For the ultimate dipping experience, soak some bread in your baked eggs. You won't be disappointed. 

The Bottom Line 

Loosie's Kitchen quite literally is a ray of sunshine. Even on the rainiest of days, Loosie's manages to bring a smile to its customers faces thanks to its California deposition and Southern charm.