Ah, Chicago. The Windy City is the perfect place for a summer get-away, but maybe you're not looking to drive the long distance? Well, look no further. Portillo's Hot Dogs is coming to Woodbury, Minnesota and this is your chance to get a piece of Chicago right outside your door. 

So what is Portillo's?

Well, Portillo's is every foodies dream. Hot dogs, Italian beef sandwiches, burgers, beer, and wine are some of the hottest items, and they sure live up to their title. Chicago natives absolutely love Portillo's, and now, Minnesotans will have the chance to fall in love as well.


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Why is Portillo's coming to Woodbury?

Portillo's seems pretty cool, but why is it such a big deal that it's coming to Woodbury? Well, it's a huge deal because Portillo's is only in seven states. That's right, only seven. It's finally time for Minnesota to be one of those lucky states. Not only will this be a huge draw for tourists, but us Woodbury residents in luck. We are able to get a taste of Chicago without having to leave our door step.

According to the CEO Keith Kinsey, considering the growing population around the cities, the Twin Cities is the perfect spot for company growth. For the 210-seat Woodbury eatery, there will be a prohibition theme, as well as a patio and drive-through.


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With the newest additions in Woodbury being Piada Italian Street Food, Cafe Zupas, and Whole Foods, adding in Portillo's is just the mix-up this city needed. So, look no further fellow Minnesotans. We are in for a treat, and boy, will it be tasty! You won't have to wait much longer, because Portillo's is set to open this summer on July 11th. You might want to start the countdown down now since it will be here before you know it.