There are plenty of things to miss about Chicago: the lake, Blackhawks/Cubs/Bears games, and the weather (okay, maybe not the weather.) For most Chicagoans, the food is what we yearn for most, no matter our current location. Where else can you get pizza crust stuffed with cheese or a hot dog adorned with pickles and green relish? Nowhere, but I’m sure you already knew that.

1. Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizza 

There is nothing more beautiful than the cheesy deliciousness that comes with cutting into a Lou’s pizza and snagging the first slice.

2. Garret’s Popcorn

I recommend Chicago style, duh. If you like caramel, we gotchu. If you like cheese, we gotchu too. If you like them mixed together to create a sweet and salty madness, we definitely gotchu.

3. Portillo’s Hot Dogs

Not just a feast for the eyes: A hot dog and cheese fries. #Regram from #Portillos fan @amyninlawong. #foodpoetry #getinmybelly

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Some may think its crazy to try a hot dog without ketchup but, I promise, once you go sans ketchup, you won’t be able to go back.

4. Portillo’s Cake Shake

If you couldn’t tell, Chicagoans love Portillos. Imagine this chocolate cake in milkshake form. Yup, it really exists.

5. Doughnut Vault Doughnuts

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This hole-in-the-wall doughnut shop has the coolest vibe, along with the most delicious doughnuts.

6. Stan’s Donuts

Us Chicagoans love all donut shops, so we miss ’em all. Especially Stan’s, with its eclectic array of gourmet donuts, ranging from the Captain Crunch Bismark to the Maple Caramel Bacon Pecan Bar. Try saying that five times fast.

7. Sprinkles Cupcakes

With different flavors every day, there is no way that you could ever get sick of trying the different cupcake varieties. Some Sprinkle’s fan faves are Red Velvet, Triple Cinnamon, and Chocolate Marshmallow.

8. Walker Brother’s 49er Flapjacks

butter with a side of pancakes and bacon please. ?☺️? #spoonsummer #idspoonthat #eeeeeats #spoonfeed

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These thin, gooey, buttery pancakes are enough to make me hop on a flight back home to Chicago ASAP.

9. Potbelly Sandwiches

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The sandwiches are to die for, but add a Dream Bar (a mix of chocolate chips, caramel, and brown sugar), to your order and you are good to go.

10. Anything from the Taste of Chicago

Greasy? Check. Sweet? Check. Drenched in chocolate and powdered sugar? Double check. Take us back to the first week in July at Grant Park, please.

11. Wrigley Field hot dogs

hot diggity dog the Cubs are on fire! #IdSpoonThat

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Although I already mentioned hot dogs, there’s something that makes devouring a Chicago-style hot dog even better when you’re eating it under the lights on a summer night at Wrigley.

12. Al’s Italian Beef

As the first seller of Italian beef sandwiches, you know you can never go wrong with Al’s.

13. Giordano’s Stuffed Pizza

The cure for any gloomy day. #cheesepull #giordanos

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Another pizza favorite, but this one’s crust is stuffed with cheese. Let me repeat that, stuffed with cheese.

14. Sweet Mandy B’s

A double decker confetti cookie sweetie pie! Now available to order!? photo: @sherriesavorsthecity

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A cookie and frosting pie the size of my hand? Mhm, sounds good to me.

15. Cheesie’s Pub and Grub

It had been too long, Mac. #cheesies #macncheese #grilledcheese #cheese #myfab5 #invntmeats #invntMMM #inventumeats

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Finishing this list off with the greatest grilled cheese combos known to man kind. Cheesie’s is known for everything from mac-and-cheese stuffed grilled cheese on Texas Toast to “the Classic,” which has cheddar and American cheese, tomatoes, ham, bacon, and comes with a tomato soup dipping sauce.

The Windy City will always be home, and these foods make it even harder to be away from it. Chicago, when we get back, a slice of Lou’s is on you, okay?