Science lover or not, liquid nitrogen captivates everyone's intrigue and interest. Liquid nitrogen visibly vaporizes when released at room temperature and cools over anything it touches. Liquid nitrogen ice cream might be the new dessert trend to captivate our attention. 

Liquid nitrogen is a "do not try this at home" item, because nitrogen can only be kept in the liquid physical state at dangerously low temperatures. Liquid nitrogen has the low boiling point of -321°F, and rapidly changes temperature and physical state when released at room temperature. Handling liquid nitrogen requires much caution, but, nonetheless, its unusualness and atypical physical properties elicit our intrigue when we observe it.       

Recently, ice cream parlors are opening with a more modern approach to making ice cream. These shops combine a universally loved frozen treat with the enticement of liquid nitrogen. This definitely makes ice cream shops more competitive because of the attraction factor. Aren't you interested?

Here are three liquid nitrogen ice cream places in NYC you need to try.

-321° Ice Cream Shop

Williamsburg never misses out on the latest trends, and liquid nitrogen ice cream is no exception. Being a small shop with only three liquid nitrogen ice cream creation stations has not stopped this spot from generating a lot of popularity. Its name references the cooling process of your custom ice cream flavor that can reach temperatures as low as -321°F.

The shop notes -321°F as the critical temperature that creates their signature ice cream with notable texture and flavor. This ice cream parlor also takes pride in its fresh and premium ingredients that are made into ice cream right in front of customers.They encourage customers to be creative in the ice cream choices and enjoy the process of seeing ice cream being made right in front of them. 

The shop also offers an item called Nitro Balls or Dragon's Breath, liquid nitrogen frozen treats that you pop into your mouth for a frosty flavor and an effect of cool misty breath. 

Dark Lab Ice Cream

This ice cream parlor highlights its science-approved cool factor in its name and its own signature look with a plastic syringe filled with a drizzle of choice added to each ice cream cup. The parlor's design seems to be inspired by a dark scientist laboratory with its dim lighting and grey-tone color scheme.

Located in a nook of Chinatown, it has been generating interest both from customers who come to try out the spot, as well as those who stumble upon it while in the area and are captivated by its modern appeal. 

Vivi Bubble Tea (LES location)

The Vivi Bubble Tea franchise has many locations nationwide. Its Lower East Side location is the franchise's hub for very trendy food items available for a limited-time only. The small shop packs a lot of trend and appeal into its small space with its painted brick walls, small wooden tables, and aesthetic eats.

Signature items exclusive to this location include bubble tea floats and rose-shaped nitrogen ice cream cones. The nitrogen ice cream flavors are on rotation and are matched with signature toppings, and the wow-factor look is consistent all-around.

The bubble tea floats are also made with a bit of liquid nitrogen to make it a semi-frozen treat. Be sure to stop by or contact the location about the current status of availability of the exclusive items if interested.