With all the new technology that's being developed, there are even new ways to stir up everyone's favorite dessert: ice cream. If you haven't heard, liquid nitrogen ice cream is the newest fad that's taking the foodie world by storm. Lucky for us Texans, we have a multitude of options to choose from, no matter where you're from.

Austin, TX

1. The Science Cream

The first ever liquid nitrogen ice cream in Austin is located on South Congress, arguably one of the busiest streets in Austin. The Science Cream food truck whips up a treat for its walk-up customers with high quality, fresh, local ingredients. There are four main flavors to choose from in addition to their specialty, non-dairy, and seasonal flavors.

2. SPUN Ice Cream

If you're looking for another local nitrogen ice cream shop, SPUN was started by two sisters from Austin. All of their flavors are curated and made from scratch with local ingredients. With vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options, SPUN is hard to beat. Their four staple flavors are sweet cream, dark chocolate, salted caramel, and lemon — there's a flavor for everyone. 

3. N2 Cream Co

Located in Round Rock, which is just a short drive outside of Austin, N2 Cream Co makes fresh liquid nitrogen ice cream with a creamy texture not found in any other ice cream. To add to their neat ambiance, their menu is placed on a Periodic Table – how cool is that? 

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Dallas, TX 

4. iCream Cafe

Located in Frisco, iCream Cafe uses nitrogen and smoke to bring creamy goodness right to your fingertips. iCream Cafe has a wide array of flavors to choose from, including sorbets. Be sure to look out for their list of their favorite combos if you can't choose a flavor. 

Houston, TX

5. Creamistry

You can find Creamistry, the first liquid nitrogen ice cream shop to pop up in Houston, in the busy Galleria area. After selecting your base (premium is the way to go), choosing your flavor is the hardest part. With flavors inspired by cereals, cookies, and cakes, there's an ice cream for everyone. Don't forget to add toppings — my personal fave is matcha with bananas.

#SpoonTip: Check out this article in case you're wondering how nitrogen ice cream works.

San Antonio, TX Area

6. Sub Zero Ice Cream and Yogurt

Low-fat, non-dairy, vegan, sugar-free, and original — these are all the cream custom options you can choose from when creating your own at Sub Zero. Each month, the store has a "Sensation of the Month," in addition to their regular flavors like blackberry, cake batter, marshmallow, and more.

#SpoonTip: All of these stores have various locations around Texas and the United States, so be sure to look them up to see if they're in an area near you.