When quick cheap Mexican food is open 24 hours, there is no reason why you should not bathe your face in a half pound burrito or all day breakfast food late at night. 

Papa John's

If you didn’t throw away your little campus coupon book, you’re in luck. Papa John’s has a campus deal that makes them one of the cheapest pizzas in town. Best part? They deliver until 2 a.m. 


The ultimate chill place to eat. The staff is chill. The environment is chill. Its just all so chill. With so many varieties of pizza and sandwiches, there is something for everyone. If you go late enough…you might…no promises, but you might be able to get your hands on leftover cookies or even cookie dough that they will toss out.

Old Chicago 

Pizza, wings, drinks, oh my! Let's say it is late at night and you are so torn between a pizza or a hamburger. You want both, but obviously you can't order both. Or can you? Pizza+Burger= Pizza Burger!

Raising Cane's

If eating out late at night were a team, Cane’s would be the captain. Better yet, the MVP. The combination of the chicken, the magical sauce, and the even more magical toast is the perfect ending to any night out. Trust us when we say, you are not the only ones in there at 2 am looking to satisfy your munchies.

Krispy Kreme 

Like, do I even need to say anything more? 

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Megan Prendergast

Face it – food tastes so much better when its past the hours of 11pm and you are drunk af. Lincoln has got you covered so there is no need to be stuck hungry at 2am. Where ever you end up, make sure you go big or go home. Be safe...but be hungry!!