If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking for an opportunity to eat more Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Check out these ways get your hands on free doughnuts so your wallet won’t have to feel the same guilt your calorie-counter does. Then, when you’ve had (almost) too many Original Glazed snacks, try a few fresh takes on a classic fave.

If you want to save money:

1. Bring a younger sibling and their report card

Krispy Kreme

Photo courtesy of salvationarmy.org

Krispy Kreme will give one free doughnut for each “A” on a student’s report card. Pinterest moms are all over this one, but why not jump on the bandwagon even if you haven’t procreated yourself? Or you could always try bringing in a copy of your own transcript. I know I wouldn’t turn me down.

2. Fill out the survey at the bottom of your receipt

Krispy Kreme

Photo courtesy of @krispykreme on Instagram

At the end of every Krispy Kreme receipt, there’s a survey that guarantees a free doughnut to anyone who fills it out. Then after completing the survey, when you go back to get your free doughnut, you get another receipt…which also has a free-doughnut survey. They know how to keep a gal coming back for more.

3. Look for the “Hot & Fresh” sign

Krispy Kreme

Photo courtesy of flickr.com

This is definitely the easiest way to grab a free doughnut. Whenever you drive by a Krispy Kreme, keep an eye out for this sign. Whenever it’s illuminated, you can walk in and expect a free original glaze without so much as a question.

If you want to try something new:

4. Ask for a sample without glaze

Krispy Kreme

Photo courtesy of seriouseats.com

Remember the “Hot & Fresh” sign? Well, when that light’s on, you can request a free doughnut without glaze. This is such an elite snack that I could only find one photo of it on the internet. Basically, it’s begging for your attention.

5. Make Krispy Kreme Waffles

Krispy Kreme

Photo courtesy of http://www.neatorama.com/

Now that you can get your hands on an endless supply of doughnuts, why not get a little creative in your consumption? Stick a few doughnuts in a waffle iron and enjoy a stack drenched in syrup, chocolate sauce, or jam.