As if the year 2020 could not get any more difficult, at the height of quarantine Taco Bell decided to rid its menu of some of its fan favorites- and this is not the first time they’ve done this! Adding onto the long list of discontinued items is the 7-Layer Burrito, Mexican Pizza, Nacho Supreme, Quesarito, all items with potatoes as an ingredient, and so much more. Still, by bringing back past limited-edition favs AND adding some new, limited-edition items onto their menu, Taco Bell made a strong comeback by the end of the year! As an enthusiast of this fast-food restaurant, I obviously had to go and try it all- here’s my hot take.

Nacho Fries

After Taco Bell removed my favorite side of Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes, I was heartbroken. I thought I would never be able to have their warm, seasoned potatoes topped with nacho sauce and sour cream again. But, with Nacho Fries I no longer have to worry and it has definitely become a contender in the race for their best side dish. This item is essentially the same as Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes but in fry form, with the nacho sauce on the side. It is just as good- the only problem is you have to order some sour cream on the side if you want to recreate the Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes. Otherwise, the fries and nacho cheese are just as good; I personally like topping it with hot sauce. 

Bacon Club Chalupa

This item has not been on their menu since 2015, and boy am I glad they brought it back. Who doesn’t love a grilled chicken and bacon combination? And in a chalupa shell? It cannot get any better than that. What really makes this item though, is the avocado ranch sauce. With the same consistency as nacho cheese, it adds a great, rich flavor!

Loaded Nacho Taco

An excellent dollar-menu item! It truly is the best of both worlds when it comes to this taco. With each bite you get a taste of the gooey nacho sauce, but also the shredded Mexican cheese. Each mouthful has the crunch from the red strips, but also the warmth of the soft shell. You will definitely feel like Hannah Montana herself as you eat this item!

Midnight Berry Freeze

This drink was just a little too sweet for my taste, but still pretty good. It has strong cotton candy, blue raspberry and grape flavors. It was a nice drink to have with the Nacho Fries, Chalupa and Taco.

Blue Raspberry Freeze

If you love the blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers, this drink is definitely for you. With the perfect amount of sweetness, get ready for a brain freeze!

Once again, Taco Bell saved the day… and since all days feel pretty similar to each other during quarantine, it has saved that too. This fast-food chain never fails to fulfill any craving you may have at any time of the day. 10 out of 10, highly recommend going with your friends and family (following COVID-19 safety rules and precautions of course) and feasting on these limited-edition items for the short-time that they are on the menu- it will definitely hit the spot!

Edit: Hallelujah! On January 14th, 2021, Taco Bell announced “potatoes are officially BACK” starting March 11th, 2021. Keep using your comments to bring back other popular items and potentially keep the limited-edition items for good!