Whether it's the short five days of Fall Break or the three whole months of summer, whenever we are away from Bucknell, we can't help but to miss our Lewisburg eats. 

While we're on campus we might complain about missing the foods our hometowns make better, but we're lying if we say we don't miss these foods when we're away. 

1. Amami (seriously, anything from Amami)

I myself am a Prosciutto Panini person. But, in the last two years, I haven't ordered anything at Amami (or it's sister-restaurant The Kind Cafe) that I haven't drooled over. As basic as it sounds, you can't go long without an Amami fix, even if it means waiting in long lines. 

2. Nacho Tots

No matter where you go, you'll never find anything quite like the Flyson's Nacho Tots. Something about the bacon, cheese, and sheer satisfaction in knowing you'll be a little less hungover thanks to them makes Nacho Tots easily missable. 

3. OIPs

The first time I had OIPs delivered, I didn't know what to expect of Lewisburg Italian. But, OIPs easily became a favorite as they never disappoint. By the time you're home, you'll miss getting their speedy delivery and insane amounts of garlic bread.

4.The Freez

To be fair, since The Lewisburg Freez is seasonal, we're already stuck missing it even when we are at school. But, this just goes to show the importance of ice cream, especially when you can put whatever you want "in the hole."

5. Tomato Soup

Of all the tomato soups I've tried, I can never quite find one that competes with the one Bucknell Dining makes. Whatever they're doing, they're doing it right. I miss this soup every time I'm away. Well, I actually miss it every day they aren't serving it, but that's beside the point. 

6. Wraps in The Bison

Whether you're trying to be healthy or decide to just pile on the chicken tenders and cheese (the more delicious way to go), Bison wraps are hard not to miss. By the second week of winter break, I was always going crazy without having a chicken tender spinach wrap for lunch. 

Even if we do catch ourselves complaining about being stranded in the middle of Pennsylvania away from some of our favorite foods, it's undeniable that being away from Bucknell means even missing our L-Burg favs.