Market Bistro is like the best version of a lit grocery store and food counter-outlet mall combined. Confused? Allow me to introduce you to Albany, New York's hidden gem: The Chef’s Grill. Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds.

Too Legit To Quit

cheese, pineapple
Erin Arnold

King of the Market Bistro Chef’s Grill is none other than Suleiman. Suleiman is a solo chef who is the man. He makes every item on the menu amazing and even cooks up some made-to-order specialties once you become besties. The Chef’s Grill is the main attraction in the made-to-order section of the Albany-based market (similar to a modern Reading Terminal in Philadelphia or the Grand Central Market in NYC). Complete with a sushi counter and even a Starbucks, there’s everything you could ever want for lunch or dinner.

Post-Church Potatoes

mango, salad
Erin Arnold

My parents go to the Chef’s Grill multiple times a week after church to enjoy an adorable couple’s breakfast at the bar and chat with Solomon while he cooks up meals better than Bobby Flay (apologies for any offense to Flavor Flay fans). The breakfast menu consists of diner classics like omelets and eggs benedict with some hipster wildcards like gingerbread pancakes or cinnamon bun French toast. Everything in at the Grill is made from scratch right in front of you by Suleiman or one of his colleagues and it is seriously the best-kept secret in Albany. Suleiman spices up our orders by adding interesting ingredients like blueberries to an omelet, making it chic. While I was home in Albany, Suleiman was kind enough to make me a plant-based breakfast burrito with rice, veggies, and a gorgeous side of sliced fruit and it was DELICIOUS. 

Convos and Eggs

beer, espresso, coffee
Erin Arnold

Though the food is A1, the best part of eating at the Chef’s Grill is the great conversation with Suleiman, the wait staff, and our fellow diners at the bar. Even at 8 A.M., the bar is filled with construction workers eating an early breakfast before heading to work, my family eating together after an early mass, and our friend Don, a retiree dining with his daughter Danielle. We’re able to get the local diner feel with way better food, a win-win in my book!

That's It for This Week On...

Even though this diner-esque spot is in a grocery store, it’s definitely not a dive. I'm actually worried about exposing this hidden gem and sharing my friends there with all of you. Still, if you’re ever in the Albany area, make sure to check out the Chef’s Grill in Market Bistro and be sure to tell them the Arnolds sent you!