The city of mistakes and chaotic drinking; everyone visits Vegas for the hectic night-life and the celebrity food scene. But sometimes you can't afford to blow your entire wallet on food, so these are 10 cheap eats I recommend when you're broke as sh*t.

1. Curry Zen

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Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

A place that serves curry that tastes almost as a good as the ones in Japan: Curry Zen. Their chicken katsu curry takes the gold and at a $8.95 it is worth every bite.

2. Taco Y Taco

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Perfect for when those midnight cravings hit or when sobering up from clubbing the night before, Taco Y Taco's atmosphere is made for those who are hungry and ready to take on the Las Vegas's nightlife scene.

From the adobada tacos ($2.25) to the carne asada fries ($6.00), this place will certainly satisfy all the cravings. And if you wanted to be hydrated by something other than water or plain old soda, their horchata is guaranteed to satisfy anyone's thirst.

3. Ellis Island

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Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

You can’t leave Vegas without getting some steak and eggs or, what the locals call, “steggs.” Ellis Island Café in Ellis Island Casino has one of the best steggs I’ve ever had — late-night cravings satisfied and for only $5.99. That costs as much as a pint of beer.

4. Donut Bar

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Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Donut Bar is a hip and unique donut shop in Downtown, Las Vegas that will make you want to cheat on your diet. Donut Bar is well known from INSIDER food for their Crème Brulee donut that makes a satisfying crunch as you split the donut open. This specialty donut can be bought for $2 or you can get a box for $10.

5. Ichiza

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Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Best Japanese restaurant in Chinatown, Las Vegas. They are open as late as 2:30 am everyday. The takoyaki that costs $4 is served in generous portions. The octopus in the middle isn’t too chewy, which is awesome. Even the yellowtail tar tar (served with chips, rice and avocado) and the butter corn are intense in flavor. 

6. Fuku Burger

Fuku Burger can be found either near the Las Vegas strip or at its local hub near Chinatown. This place isn’t your regular fast food joint. Their Jazz fries ($3.99), a twist on the classic poutine fries, leaves a tangy flavor on your taste buds. The Chicken Katsu Burger ($7.99) with the signature Fuku Burger sauce, known as the “crack saucem” can make you devour a burger in mere seconds.

7. Monta Ramen

ramen, noodle, soup, chicken
Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Monta Ramen is by far my favorite ramen place and you can argue with me if you want to but their ramen is unbeatable. You can get a small pork belly appetizer for $3.95 or ramen for $6.95. 

8. Pho Kim Long 

soup, vegetable, broth, pho, meat, pork, parsley
Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

A night of drinking will definitely have you gravitating towards Pho Kim Long. Each bowl ranges from $8 - $10 here and one bowl satiates all. Add a side of egg rolls and you are good to go.

9. Lotus of Siam

chicken, rice
Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Authentic Thai food — that is how I would describe Lotus of Siam. The food is on more of the expensive side, $10-$13 for a small portion, but each bite is savory enough to make it worth the price. Eating the chicken pad Thai and chicken panang curry made me feel like I had a Thai grandma who made the meal especially for me. 

10. Naked City Pizza

pizza, mozzarella, pesto
Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Normally pizza makes you feel sick after eating two slices. However, at Naked City Pizza you actually feel content after devouring a whole pizza. I adore the guinea pizza here. Why? Well, just imagine a thick crust pizza with scoops of meatball, spinach, ricotta, and garlic, and all for $11. 

BONUS: Brew Tea Bar

Jasmine Lim

Not exactly a restaurant, but Brew Tea Bar definitely qualifies for this list dedicated to cheap eats. Not only is Brew Tea Bar by far my favorite boba tea spot in Vegas, but they also sell crepes, for around $6, that create the most heavenly. If you love simple, sweet, and tea all mixed into one, I recommend the Hokkaido with sea salt cream. All drinks are at a reasonable price of $3-5.