The mouthwatering glory of a Krispy Kreme doughnut is now at the tips of our taste buds, fellow Dukes. On this January 10th of 2017, a year fresher than the glaze laying atop of a hot piece of fried dough, Krispy Kreme has finally opened its doors to Harrisonburg. 

The Anticipation:

In early 2016 a rumor was confirmed: the King of the doughnut franchise would move in on Burgess Road. As preparations were made and walls constructed, students buzzed constantly about their excitement for something as simply satisfying as a doughnut.

Some of us took matters into our own hands. Instead of patiently waiting for the doors to open, we made our own mock Krispy Kreme donuts following this recipe. Speaking from first hand experience, they were good, but not the same -- missing the aesthetic and most importantly the welcoming smell of freshly fried, dipped, and drizzled doughnuts. 
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Camille Weber

The Wait: 

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are not just an ordinary option for breakfast -- delivered, stored, and brought back to life before the opening hour. No. They are made in house daily with an audience of visitors who constantly come and go while simultaneously stuffing their faces and bursting with joy at the immediate touch of glazed dough to tongue.

As if Harrisonburg is not already spoiled enough with a promising food scene, Krispy Kreme has upped our options for coffee and doughnuts to a whole new level of goodness.

In the case of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, pain must be pleasurable because the thought of a burnt tongue rarely crosses minds driven by sugar crazed taste buds.

Some Harrisonburg townies and JMU Dukes have clearly allowed their sweet tooth to make recent decisions in their lives, as images of people curled up inside their tents lining the storefront of the building have surfaced on Facebook and Instagram. Check out this WHSV 3 news report that captures the Krispy Kreme kraze destined to take over the 'burg.

Twenty degrees does not stand between these doughnut lovers and a soft, warm delight that will ease their frost bitten fingers and red tipped noses back to their normal state.  The opportunity to win free KK doughnuts for a whole year awaits them so the Elsa vibes are real. The cold never bothered them anyway. 

A Bite-Size Pause to Plans:

The KK opening date was originally scheduled for December 13. They postponed the opening in hopes of hiring more employees. So, in addition to the fresh eats brought to the 'burg, Krispy Kreme is also brining in new job opportunities.

A December opening would have been primetime as business would bustle with zombified college students spoiling themselves after an exam with a dozen doughnuts and a cup of jo' that would not judge their lack of sleep but only greet them with a comforting blend of flavors.

Treat Yo Self:

Krispy Kreme's decision to wait though, only makes today's opening that much sweeter. As we wait in line, we'll know that members of our community received their job to make the tastiest doughnuts possible. Our hearts are full.

Let us welcome Krispy Kreme to 35 Burgess Road, Harrisonburg with open wallets and watering mouths. These doughnuts are the best thing to help us feel warm and cozy this winter.