Harrisonburg has some great places to find some amazing donuts, we all know this. Strite’s, Pure Eats,  and Dunkin’ Donuts are just a few that students and townies flock to for their morning fix. However, there is one very important name that is not on that list: KRISPY KREME, PPL.

How has this city gone without the hot melt-in-your-mouth goodness that is THE KK donut???? I have no answer. All is right in the world again though because our prayers have been answered, the donut dance has worked, a miracle has dropped into our laps (no, not these pumpkin spiced donuts).

krispy kreme

Photo courtesy of flickr.com

You can now mark your calendars and expect to see the famous “Hot Now” sign light up in your future in late 2016 (pinch me i’m dreaming. JK I’m not dreaming because I’m the one who’s writing this, lol).

Here’s the proof.

So get ready to put on your sweats and stuff your face (maybe make these cinnamon roll star donuts in the meantime) because the big boy is coming to town and he’s here to stay.