On a chilly Sunday afternoon, I decided to spend my day catching up on studying for an exam I had the following Tuesday. Usually, my go-to spot is Starbucks. As I do well in a busy environment, Starbucks was the perfect way to spend the rest of my Sunday with a hot coffee and a Bacon, Gouda, and Egg sandwich. 

However, of course, every white girl at SU was thinking the same thing. The half-hour wait in a line that's most definitely not worth the 8 dollar purchase led me straight out the door and to Cafe Kubal, a cafe just right down the street. 

Cafe Kubal, you are incredibly underrated. As soon as I walked in, the natural lighting made me feel like I stepped into my own living room. The wood tables pull off this "farm-to-table" vibe.

Lily Sackman

Compared to Starbucks, Cafe Kubal gives off an aesthetic that everything is carefully handcrafted through every coffee and food order (because let's face it, the Bacon, Gouda, and Egg sandwich is absolutely out of a frozen container). 

Once I realized I needed a study snack to get me through the next couple hours of studying, I took a glance at the chalkboard menu on the wall. I chose the first order I looked at, not even taking notice of what was in the sandwich.

"I'll have the Kuballer please."  

As soon as I handed the barista 7 dollars, I worried that no sandwich is worth that expense. After a leap of faith, I took my first bite when it was finally served. 

And that was it. This Kubal sandwich became the best sandwich I've ever had in my entire life--ok maybe a bit of an exaggeration, but definitely the best sandwich I've had here at my time at SU. 

The perfect amount of pesto molded perfectly into the toasted telera bread. The mozzarella that I expected to be cold and rubbery was heavenly melted with the rest of the ingredients. To top it off, the pico de gallo was a perfect component once it hit your taste buds along with the turkey, pesto, and cheese.

Lily Sackman

Once my heart was won over by the Kuballer, the very next day I gave in and purchased another. This 7 dollar sandwich is absolutely, positively, worth it. 

So romanticized by the sandwich, I decided to get a good description of what was in the Kuballer. So I asked Kubal's very own "sandwich maker." He then began by saying, "Like all of our sandwiches, the Kuballer is toasted. We healthily spread pesto on each side of the bread and put two slices of mozzarella, some pico de gallo, and a healthy serving of turkey. We put it in the oven for a couple of minutes, and it comes out warm and toasty."

The ingredients seem simple, but each ingredient has a generous amount of flavor that'll make you swoon.

If you think Kubal's guilty pleasures stop after the Kuballer, you're absolutely mistaken. I've heard an SU student flat out say things like "I had a dirty dream about the B. Benedict last night." Do I dare try the open-faced sandwich served with egg, bacon, cheddar, guac, and maple mayo? After having 3 Kuballers this week, maybe not. But, I'll happily dream about it while nibbling on a Strawberry Kale G'Uncle Salad like a rabbit. 

Once I asked the sandwich chef how popular the Kuballer really is, he went on by saying, "It's definitely one of our most popular options, not as big as the turkey club, but I believe its flavor makes up for it."

Don't worry. I absolutely believe you, you Kubal sandwich wizard.