With so many off-campus options for food, it can be overwhelming at times to decide what to oder. Good Uncle partners with different restaurants in New York City, and recreates their dishes right here in their kitchen in Syracuse. The menu has something for everyone. Once you download the app, you will be dying to try everything they offer. The meals are all reasonable, making it a great way to easily eat healthy on a budget. Good Uncle also offers a meal plan with exclusive dishes for members. If you find yourself ordering multiple days a week, this might be a good idea for you. If not, no worries; here are 5 great things to order that do not require the mean plan. 

1. Greek Salad 

First off is the Greek Salad. It's a healthy classic, complete with the humus on top. Whenever I am craving a salad this is my go-to. It always fills me up, and you can add chicken for an extra $3. If the dressing they serve isn't for you, there is the option to change it when you select the salad. It says it costs $1 more; however, if you select the new dressing you want and get rid of the old one, it will take the dollar off. #SpoonTip: get chips and guac or veggies and hummus as a side with this to share with friends. 

2. Penne Alla Vodka 

Craving penne alla vodka?? Good Uncle is always the move. This pasta comes right to your door and will make all your friends jealous. The cheese on top tastes just as good as it looks. It's obviously better than the same pasta you always find at the dinning hall and members can get it with chicken for an added bonus.

3. Real American Hero 

Any time my friends and I place an order from Good Uncle, this sandwich is on the list. It doesn't get much better than turkey, bacon, and avocado, and you will not find a sandwich like this in the dinning hall. If you're really hungry or sharing with a friend, you can change it to giant size for an extra $4. 

4. Seared Tuna Poke Bowl 

This bowl is healthy and will fulfill your seafood craving. It is light, healthy, and fresh, and will leave you feeling full. Complete with kale and quinoa/farro on the bottom, you will not want to stop eating this. The dressing is great, but if its not your thing, you can change it for free. Don't like seafood? All of the other bowls are healthy and totally filling as well. 

5. Fries

Last, but certainly not least, are the fries. If you need a study break or a side to any meal, these fries are amazing. They come from Sticky's Finger Joint in NYC and look exactly the same. Never burnt or soggy... do I even have to compare them to the bland fries in the dinning hall? Plus, they are the perfect size for sharing with your friends or making others jealous.