Kilroy's has consistently been named one of America's most iconic college bars. It's close to campus and has insanely cheap drink specials. With $1 wells on Mondays, $2 Tuesdays, and $3 Thursdays, it really can't be beat. 

But what about the food? 

The one thing that may be able to beat their cheap drinks is their tasty, affordable food specials. Here's your guide on what drunchies to get, depending on which day you go to Kilroy's.


Dollar sliders have almost made Mondays my favorite day of the week. They're cute, delicious and are served on King's Hawaiian buns. What more can you ask for? The only downside is how quickly they disappear. 


What goes better with booze than grilled cheese? On Tuesdays, Kilroy's serves $2 specialty grilled cheese. Grilled cheese not your thing? Don't worry—they've also got $2 cheeseburgers. 


On Wednesdays, we eat pork. At least, at Kilroy's we do. Wednesdays mean $5 Sassy Pig sandwiches and Hoosier tenderloins. 


$3 tacos take $3 Thursdays to a new level. The best part: you get to choose what goes into your tacos. Another bonus: you get a free shirt if you go (and wait in line) around 9 pm. 


Enjoy the start to the weekend with $5 fajitas until 5 pm. Then, it's FAC (Friday After Class). From 5-10 pm, you can get free, unlimited breadsticks, pizza and burgers. Just make sure you've got $5 in cash on you—sometimes they charge cover. But for free, unlimited food, you can't complain about having to pay a few bucks to get in. 


If you're going to Kilroy's for cheap food and drinks, Saturday isn't  always the day to go. While they have $5 Long Islands, $5 triple well drinks, and $5 22-ounce draft beers, you can get cheaper drinks just about any other day of the week. And the food special is the Chef's Special, which means it can be different every time. 

If you're willing to get up early, Breakfast Club is a good deal. It generally happens on game days, and you'll pay $5 cover and get a free breakfast buffet and shirt. You'll definitely want to get there early, though—I've seen lines wrap around the building all the way to Qdoba.


Sunday also isn't one of the better days to go if you want the best deals, but Kilroy's has $5 wings and $1 double-ups. That means you can get a drink with one shot in it, and pay only $1 to make it a double. Not a bad deal, but considering the deals on the other days of the week, you can do better.

Now that you know what food to get depending on which day you go to Kilroy's, you're one step ahead of the game. So go out there, get drunk and get the best deals on food to eat while you're drunk or needing to sober up.