One of the best-kept secrets in Tucson is one that may surprise you. I'm talking about sushi, the sushi obsession. Let's be honest, we're in Tucson, we are in a desert, so where in the world can we actually get reliably safe and tasty fish? After some very strenuous research, taste-testing, and stomach aches, I have found the answer to all of your sushi needs, and it's right down the block from campus. 

I know what you're thinking, what is this beautiful dream of a sushi restaurant that I am gushing over? I won't hold you hostage to your own curiosity for any longer, it's called Kazoku. You may be surprised, but this little hole in the wall has some of the best, most affordable, and consistently produced sushi in Tucson.

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Nicole Albanese

Why is Kazoku so amazing?

First, they have variety. Some of the best sushi places in Tucson provide quality, but not quantity and variety. So why do we have to give up both when we could have the best of both worlds? Whether you want cooked salmon, raw salmon, tuna, yellowfish, eel, snapper, crab, or all of the above, Kazoku has what you need. Sweet, spicy, sour, or a mix of the three, all of the special sushi rolls will blow your mind.

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Nicole Albanese

I will never turn my back on this Sushi heaven because it is the epitome of a beautifully run and mind-bending successful small business. Without getting too political, small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Some of you may or may not agree, but I think it is extremely important to support our local businesses! Every time I attend Kazoku I see the same, hardworking, and beautiful smiling faces that greet me with kindness, respect, and connectivity. Who doesn't love friendly connections?

Once you get Kazoku, you will never go back. Try it, I promise you will not regret it.