Sushi is my favorite food, so obviously I have been on the hunt for an excellent sushi restaurant. At first, I was a little skeptical about eating sushi in the desert, but once I came to Obon located downtown (only about a five-minute drive from University of Arizona campus), I was immediately hooked to the restaurant. It is modern sushi and there is also ramen and other options offered on the menu.

It is truly delicious. The rolls are unique, healthy, and spectacular. They have everything from basic rolls such as salmon, California, or cucumber avocado all the way to complex rolls that are so beyond flavorful. I recommend ordering one of my favorites, The Alaskan Roll, which is filled with imitation crab, cucumber, and avocado topped with salmon. The service is also very quick, which is good for students who want to go somewhere for a nice dinner but don't want it to take a while.   

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Devyn Edelstein

The ingredients are always fresh, and the colors are vibrant which is what one looks for when they eat raw fish. The presentation of the dishes are excellent along with the high-quality taste. It is also an affordable restaurant, which is key for college students.

I think sushi can be a hard type of food to find because no one wants to go to a sketchy place to eat food that is not cooked or prepared properly, especially when dealing with fish. However, Obon has some of  the freshest sushi I have probably ever had, especially in Tucson. Ever since my first experience here, I have told multiple people that they need to try it and once they did, they loved every single bite.

Devyn Edelstein