It's about time that Long Island established a poké (pronounced po-kay) joint for fish and sushi lovers. Kai Poké officially opened July 26th at 328 Main St. in Huntington village, Long Island, NY. Poké is a dish that has chunks of marinated raw seafood and has been extremely popular on social media. Kai Poké offers a customizable twist on a traditional Hawaiian dish and is the first solely-poké restaurant on Long Island.

Kai Poké History 

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Lauren Peller

Owners Jacob and Coleman Meier first encountered poké on a trip to Southern California. They fell in love with the dish so much that they decided to change their careers from fitness and finance to the restaurant industry. Both brothers wanted to bring a poké place to Long Island; they worked hard to get the business started. They hope to keep expanding Kai Poké to other locations on Long Island. 


The menu offers poké bowls that are served with sustainably-sourced salmon and tuna, served raw, but substitutes such as cooked shrimp and tofu are also available. Options for the base of the bowls include white rice, brown rice, quinoa, and mixed greens. Traditional toppings include sesame oil, spicy mayo, sweet chili glaze, avocado, mango, and crab salad. 

Signature Poké Bowls 

There are five signature poké bowls: Kai Classic, Shaka, Big Kahuna, Angry Volcano, and Mainlander. For a refreshing taste with tuna poké, try the Kai Classic bowl. If you're a shrimp fanatic who likes to spice it up, order the Shaka bowl.

As for people who savor salmon and always ask for a side of spicy mayo at sushi restaurants, try the Angry Volcano bowl. Or if you like foods on the sweeter side, dig into the Big Kahuna bowl with tuna poké. Lastly, if you don't enjoy fish, Kai Poké's Mainlander bowl would be the right choice you. 

Most Popular Poké Bowl: Angry Volcano 

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Lauren Peller

I went to Kai Poké on opening day and the owners mentioned how the Angry Volcano bowl was the most popular so far. I decided to jump on the Angry Volcano bandwagon and prepare my taste buds for some fresh salmon and spicy flavors from the wasabi and jalapeños. I enjoyed this bowl and scarfed it down in 5 minutes. Next time, I'll try another signature bowl. 


Kai Poké is a small, quiet, and cute venue tucked into Huntington Village. The lighting is perfect for your Instagram feed. You'll find more people taking their bowls to go rather than sitting down in the restaurant.

Whether or not you're a poke fanatic, you'll be almost guaranteed to find something you like. With whole grain, gluten free, and vegan/vegetarian options, this new restaurant has something for everyone. Do yourself a favor and transport yourself to Hawaii by heading down to Kai Poké.