Spoon K-State took a field trip to Powercat Sports Grill to try the food, drinks, and have a great time before finals started. Eight of our team members headed out to dine, write, and enjoy the night. Here is a play-by-play of what we discovered at this Spoon Approved sports-themed family bar!

The Drinks

vodka, lemonade, tea, beer, ice, cocktail
Kayla Daniel

The drink menu is priced right up a college student's alley; everything is under $10. There are some pretty fancy drinks on the menu, from a blended bellini to a Bud Light.

Summer beer is back, and I’m pretty dang excited about it. We tried the normal lemonade summer brew and the pomegranate summer brew and both were fantastic. As our Spoonie Samantha Albers said, “For never coming here before, this is a great first impression of the restaurant, and this is the best summer beer I’ve had before!”

I personally tried the pomegranate summer beer (after a long inner battle between that and a Bloody Mary), and color me impressed! I normally go for less fruity and stronger drinks, but this one was refreshing, just fruity enough.

The Food

turkey, bacon, cheese, ham, sandwich
Brooke Haas

The crew tried a variety of food, and none of us were disappointed with what we got! From salads to burgers, there is something on this menu for everyone.

Taylor Egan got Coach Snyder's burger, loaded with smoked gouda, pico de gallo, and she said, "I have been craving guacamole and it was so good!"

Other good eats included the buffalo bleu burger, chicken-pecan-apple salad, and philly cheese steaks. With the reasonable prices, great portions, and amazing food, it is a great Spoon-approved stop to go with your friends to try a bit of everything!

The Atmosphere

Throughout the restaurant there are old K-State sports photos on display, which are fun to look like to get a glimpse of K-State history.  

The assistant general manager, Denise, answered some of our questions about Powercat Sports Grill. "The best part about working [here] is with the K-State theme. You get a lot of fans and people coming through, and once the band has come in and played on game days for the whole restaurant! On game days its very busy and full of purple; people will call weeks in advance to reserve a table right by the TVs to watch the [football] game." 

Powercat Sports Grill would be a good place to come with your parents; it is not in Aggieville, so there is lots of parking! The atmosphere is family friendly and laid back for a casual dinner and a drink.