New Yorkers, clear your calendars from June 1-June 3 and get ready to stuff your face. If you're from Boston, you probably already know about this event, but for the first time ever Jimmy Fund's Scooper Bowl is coming to New York, and will be hosted in Bryant Park

About the Scooper Bowl

This year will be the 35th annual Jimmy Fund Scooper Bowl in Boston, (happening on June 6-8) but is a first time event in New York, and you can buy tickets in advance for $20 or at the event for $25. The event is happening from 12 P.M.—9 P.M. all three days, and once you buy your ticket you have access to all of the ice cream being offered. Lots of the best ice cream in NYC will be there, including Big Gay Ice Cream, Wafels & Dinges, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and many more. Toppings will be provided by Breads Bakery and UnReal Candy. 

About Jimmy's Fund

Jimmy's Fund is an organization which uses their donations to fund adult cancer care and research, specifically at Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. For the New York Scooper Bowl, proceeds will also go towards pediatric care at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. If you can't make it to New York or Boston this time, there are many walks, runs, and other family-friendly events that happen all year to raise money for Jimmy's Fund, and of course, you can always just donate money.

I can think of no better excuse to eat ice cream than this one. The Scooper Bowl is a fun and easy way to enjoy giving something back. $20 for unlimited ice cream sounds pretty good to me, and the guilt you feel from eating all that ice cream cancels out with how good you can feel about supporting such an important cause. So dig in, because you're a good person.