I grew up hearing about all of my private school friends helicoptering into the Hamptons for the weekend. Instead, I piled into my Tahoe, crossed the GW Bridge, drove about 100 miles on the Garden State Parkway, and ended up in beach heaven.

Even though I love the murky, crowded water, there is something even better just a block from the beach — the food that lies on those joyous boardwalks. I was raised on the wonders like Manco and Manco, Johnson's Popcorn, funnel cake, fresh lemonade, and so much more. The Jersey Shore is a haven for food lovers, and this is why.

Salt Water Taffy

Connor Howe

Sometimes we need something a little more personal than Laffy Taffy. This irresistible treat is made fresh and worth every g-damn penny you pay. Available in almost every town along the Jersey Shore, you have to make this a priority on your next trip to the shore.

Johnson's Popcorn

buckwheat, cereal
Connor Howe

This is by far one of the best foods that I have ever eaten... and I'm one of the pickiest eaters around. In addition to its 10/10 taste, you can only get it in a few locations in the entire world! After having this for the first time, microwave popcorn just isn't going to do the trick. 

Manco and Manco Pizza

Connor Howe

An Ocean City, NJ original, this pizza is to die for. In all of my life, I haven't found a single slice that has compared to the joy of Manco and Manco pizza. It's something words don't do justice — you need to experience it yourself. 

Kohr Brother's Ice Cream

Personally, I'm not a fan of soft serve ice cream. However, Kohr Bro's just knows what their doing. This frozen custard treat, is on some next-level sh*t and you HAVE to try it. 

Funnel Cake

doughnut, beignets, chocolate, cake, candy, cookie, pretzel, bread, dough, pastry, sweet
Jennifer Nigro

Who doesn't love fried dough? If we don't order it ourselves, you'll surely find yourself asking, "Can I just have one piece?" If you want some killer funnel cake with a side of lovely ocean view, the Shore is the place for you. 

The Seafood

crayfish, beer, crab, lobster
Emily Armstrong

Just like any other location near the ocean the seafood is prime. With an abundance of options from a literal crab shack to 5-star dining options, any seafood place is flawless. When you find yourself in the southern area of the Garden State, stop and enjoy some fish noms. 


I'm sorry to those from Philly, but the Jersey Shore is also home to many Wawa locations. You will never be able to go to a Mobil or Shell again after experiencing Wawa. Stop by and have an incredible sandwich. Trust me, this is the one time where food from a gas station is a good idea. 

Who needs that traffic-heavy drive on the LIE and Montauk highway when you can just go to the shore instead? I was raised on these foods and find myself craving them on the daily. So when planning your summer road trip with friends, keep the Shore in mind.