March 7 began like any other day. I woke up, got ready for work, and headed to the office. But about an hour into my day, I found out Jacques Torres was opening a chocolate museum.

Now, this is news that a chocoholic like me should have known weeks ago and was so exciting that I almost lost it right there in front of my computer.

I'm not sure how something like this managed to stay under-the-radar until almost opening day, but considering how popular the Ice Cream Museum was over the summer, my guess is it won't stay quiet for long.

The Chocolate Museum and Experience with Jacques Torres is New York's first chocolate museum and speaks to the child and foodie in all of us. It's located at their SoHo address at 350 Hudson Street and has a ton of different elements.

The history-lover in all of us can appreciate the original artifacts that take us from bean to bar, and the story of its origin and growth in Mayan and Aztec culture. But any chocolate-lover will appreciate the premium chocolate tastings even more.

I'm told there are nine tasting stations and even an option to add on a chocolate-making session for you and your crew. The tasting stations include white, dark and milk chocolate, Mayan hot chocolate and even some truffles.

They even have an app so you can download 3D animations throughout your visit by scanning posters in the exhibit.

Edy Van Belle is Jacques chocolate-partner-in-dine for this museum. He is an aficionado and has opened a ton of other chocolate museums throughout the US.

Jacques himself is an icon in the chocolate world, so it's no wonder he was the one to bring this deliciousness to the Big Apple. “Creating an immersive experience in New York that would reflect our love of chocolate was our mutual goal,” Torres said.

Choco-story is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10 am-5 pm, and the most expensive ticket is only $15. What are you waiting for??