The Museum of Ice Cream was raved about all summer long, so visiting was a must for me. But tickets sold out the minute they went up online.

Even with email notifications for their release, I was out of luck. With only four days left before the start of my freshman year of college, I was desperate for tickets. Craigslist was the first thing that came to mind, and what do you know? Someone was selling two tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream on the only day I could go before I left for my new life chapter in Providence, Rhode Island—albeit five times the original price.

The minute I stepped out of a bright yellow New York City taxi, I noticed how the sidewalk transformed into a colorful sprinkle ball pit. I did not understand how the pool of sprinkles inside was outside until I found sprinkles in my jeans, hair and even bra! The sprinkles were everywhere.

Brittney Jensen

Everyone was allowed a time slot inside the museum, and mine was 4-5 pm. But before you were allowed in you had to wait in line, of course. Anywhere you go that is popular involves a line. Whether it be the line for cronuts at Dominque's Ansel Bakery or the line for Drake's world tour Summer Sixteen. Food and Drake are the only two acceptable things to wait on line for, anyway.

But the line went super quick and before I knew it, a staff member opened the door to heaven and said, "Welcome to The Museum of Ice Cream."

beer, cake, coffee
Brittney Jensen

What was waiting behind the door for me was more than I could have imagined. First I got a sample of ice cream—insert ice cream emoji—which was delicious. I finished it even quicker than I send a single text message and that is saying A LOT.

Next, I got a helium balloon made of sugar. Talk about a sugar high. The balloon made sick Instas and Snaps because not only did it look super cool, but there was a wall in the room made out of waffle cones. Yes, waffle cones. 

Brittney Jensen

Then I got to participate in a World Guinness Record of the BIGGEST ice cream sundae ever by scooping a sugary scoop of vegetable shortening and adding it to the growing pile other museum visitors had started. Years from now I will tell my kids that I was a pretty big deal in the ice-cream world. 

cake, milk
Brittney Jensen

And finally I made it to the long awaited sprinkle pool. Not surprisingly, it was the best part of my entire Ice Cream Museum experience. I got to play in a life size pool of SPRINKLES.

When will I ever do this again in life? Never. Not only did the pool have candy blow up toys, but it also had a diving board. However there was no diving allowed. And they actually had candy outside of the pool, supplied by Dylan's Candy Bar, for when I was done working up a sweat taking thousands of photos and videos.

cake, beer, candy
Brittney Jensen

Could this museum get any cooler? Yes it could. Following the best pool I'll ever "swim" in, I received an ice cream cone which magically appeared from behind the walls.

cream, ice
Brittney Jensen

Unfortunately, the time eventually came when I found myself in the last room, which included an ice cream scooper see-saw and an ice cream sandwich swing. I usually hate museums, but how could you hate a museum filled with free ice cream and a sprinkle pool? 

beer, coffee, wine, tea, date
Brittney Jensen

The experience was priceless, so although I paid five times the retail price of a ticket, it was worth every penny.